Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Shangri- la!

My memories of a trip, way back in the mid eighties to the paradise on Earth, Kashmir, is etched in gold and often I reminisce about the days of planning the itinerary, the long waits in queues to get the train tickets (airlines were expensive in those days and only the elite travelled by them and we as part of a public sector could not simply afford!), the snail mail letters to our loved ones staying in the same place for accommodation and arrangements of local transport for sightseeing. Yes, it was a tedious process and often nerve wracking too in terms of cost, time and energy. And there was no guarantee of a tension free holiday as sometimes the bookings may not just get through, one may not have the proper connects, the hotel booked may not suit one’s palate and budget and so on and eventually, the holiday that was meant to be, would turn out to a damn squib with groans and moans. Fortunately, our holiday then, did not have this unforeseen ending, thanks to my colonel uncle who was posted in the borders who gracefully took care of everything from start to finish. But one cannot expect knights in shining armour to do all and sundry to make our dreams come true, can we?
Cut to today and yes we can have samaritans in yatra and the digital era has ensured that each one of us enjoy our vacations that suit our style, locale, budget and travel. Holidays are planned by the clicks of buttons and are no longer cumbersome, and we soon land in our fairy tale destinations without frustrations, predicaments and hardships!
Without much ado, let me plan a trip for myself, a dream destination that I have longed to undertake for years, a place where I can unwind among the gigantic waterfalls, undulating rivers, massive mountains...no...I am not talking about the Swiss Alps or the Andes or the Australian reef but our own North eastern states, pristine unspoilt beauty of magnificent India with the mesmerizing Cherrapunji and bewitching Nohkalikai and Mawsmai cascades that is an experience to last a lifetime!
My flight to fantasy begins with the airlines that is going to take me there and who else but yatra to bank upon for the schedules, the options and the tariffs with special discounts! I check with availability on the dates and do a quick comparison of the different option on domestic airlines and narrow down on the one that matches my budget and requirements. Next on my do list comes the tour package deal that has to be obviously a steal and best in class and comfort. I have my tour partner to bank upon who will do everything in a jiffy and get the confirmation back in no time. So I can sit back, relax and think of the next item on the check list which is accommodation and food. The hassle free tour operator assures me of the best hotels that serve vegetarian fare in the seven sisters’ states with comfortable and affordable stay in a decent dwelling and a major aspect of travel woes is taken care of in style.
I manage a fair deal on a round trip with all the necessary ingredients of fun, frolic and fantasy that seals a fantastic holiday in the rains amidst nature’s bounty and planning one was never so easy as I found the perfect partner in airlines and schedules!

So folks, pack your bags and embark with me on a journey that will hold you to sway and you will thirst for more!  
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Change..the inevitable..

Save the change

Change, the most unalterable word for a ‘square peg in a round hole’ me and try as I might to reinforce the metamorphosis element in my disposition, it simply does not happen and woefully remain a misfit. I am cheerful, genial, sensitive and can keep adding adjectives to describe my personality as they are absolutely free not costing a penny and totally under my control ready to be unleashed at will, but switch, transform, adapt, the need of the hour buzz words, (and why three words, just in case my readers are pondering, it is that I cannot remember more than three at a time) are out of bounds for me; it is like taking a horse to the water but not make it to change!
So I am a leopard with its spots firmly on or a Zebra that is not willing to change its stripes; now you stumble upon the animal instincts in me, nevertheless they do adopt and adapt to survive and that lovely company too eludes me.
What triggered me to the obsession with the celebrated and sought after jargon, ‘change’ apart from the normal embarrassing predicament that I am in, is the Television serial on the famed and loved Sherlock Holmes recreated in 2010 by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat that took the world by storm with an incredible Internet Movie Database (IMDb) rating of 9.3! The creators have brilliantly superimposed Sir Arthur’s genius sleuth and his doctor partner in 21st century London. The modernized version keeps the essence of the characters very much intact but craftily uses the detective and the plots to suit and vibe with the current generation. I ‘deduce’ myself like a penny waiting for change while the world around me converts and mutates at the click of a finger.
Everything and everyone is undergoing sea change – the Sun, the moon (distancing itself from the Earth and I can consider the reason to be the brutal and merciless killing of human beings across the globe in the name of religion), the seasons, tidal waves, topography, technology, people, products, services, plants, fruits and vegetables with hybridization, birds ( abandoning traditional nests on trees, for there are no trees) and building hopes and dreams for their fledglings in kitchen chimneys, food, beverages, mode of transport, buildings (I look up to the Burj Khalifa open mouthed), toon characters, films, music (genres I have long lost count of), politics, history, society, culture, talent, intelligence, arms and ammunitions, extremist outfits atrocities, greed, profiteering, annexations, traffic, population, behaviour, attitudes, perceptions...the Earth in a nutshell, from the elements to the abstract altering, modifying and innovating while I remain rooted to terra firma very much tilted and inclined to the unyielding cow or bull in the middle of Indian roads! You know where my sympathies lie...don’t you?
Resolute and unwavering in my thoughts and actions despite the turn of events, there is turbulence and pandemonium in my brain to go with the flow and not swim against the current and try to turn the tide in my favour! But each passing day manifests itself in more complex labyrinths that are beyond the bounds of possibility for the hackneyed old chestnut!

Elementary my dear readers...I have changed..welcome to my new domain www.sunitasriram.in

Saturday, April 2, 2016

On many occasions, I have felt the supernatural intervention of miracle hands that have helped me in distress and allowed me to come out unscathed. In these moments of anguish and misery, these marvel human beings have lifted me from the abyss and apocalypse to get on with life. Are they inspirations, power of God, oracles or epiphanies, I know not, but there are far too many to shrug them off as coincidences or fortuity or simply a stroke of luck. These guardian angels vanish without a trace before I say the profuse and profound ‘Thank you” and they are never to be seen again. The poem below is a “benediction” to all those saviours who arrive at the opportune moments to pull me out of fire and get me off the hook time and again! I have intentionally used alphabets ‘T’ and ‘G’ in the verses to express my “Thank you” and “Gratitude” to the “Godsend”.  

Times many have I encountered
The rendezvous with an angel in disguise
Tryst with miracle men
Turning things around

Godsend to trouble shoot
Grant and bestow alacrity
Governed by manifestation
Gratuity I can never forget

Times many have I benefitted
Going on a wild goose chase
To come face to face with my messiah
Giving me revelation of a rare kind

True they could be fate and destiny
Grasp on situations beyond control
To bring me back on track
Gospel of faith on the supreme
Godsend to take under HIS wing
Guiding through perils
Genie that appears and disappears
Guiding spirit whom I have not thanked

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Laundry bigotry

 I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being
passed on to the next generation.

Tasks in my home are well demarcated, the burden of
changing bulbs and batteries, fixing screws, hanging pictures, charging and repairing
gadgets are all done by the Lord and mind you, these do not happen on a daily
basis and I have never ever ventured or volunteered to take part in any or all
of these activities. The Lady’s chores, on the other hand are the repetitive
ones such as laundry, vacuuming, changing drapes and curtains, ironing and not
to exclude cooking in that laborious list. Gladly, the Lord has never ever
interfered in my tribulations and we respect each other’s independence of the
daily grind.
Women, from time immemorial, have been stereotyped in
doing the household chores.  The routines
have been the trademark jobs of the women folk and despite the gigantic strides
by women in the work place and breaking the glass ceiling, this domain still
remains pre dominantly a woman’s forte.
Women wear different hats and are known to multi task
which have helped them to don many roles at the same time. No wonder we find
women wearing executive suits during the day and with aprons during the rest of
the day with comfortable ease and dexterity. Thus the women are taken for
granted owing to the easy switch from one role to another and the outcome is
the feminine gender working tirelessly day in and out, 24x7, 365 days a year!
Well, this remains the order of the day in most of the
households in India and elsewhere on the globe in spite of both husband and
wife becoming bread winners and financial contributors. The division of labour
in the segment of household chores, has not happened and the bulk of the household
burden is borne by the fairer sex!  The
break down needs to be even and equality should appear here too with all fiery
force and that means the women folk have to chip in with changing bulbs,
washing cars and the like!!!
But, I
was pleasantly surprised when gen Y in my house believed is turning the tide.  I was quite and truly so taken aback when my
son offered to fix coffee for himself, do his own laundry and iron his own
clothes, despite being a chip off the old block and usurping the scutwork,
which were hitherto held hostage by me!  I
was only too eager to share the burden with him and have the rare opportunity
of putting up my tired feet
(image courtesy:  www.reanaclaire.com)
Now, what this means is that the laundry bigotry does not propagate into the progenies and the
tedium and load is shared and apportioned well with a helping hand from

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Gilded beginning!

#Colgate360GoldMornings  The Gilded Beginning

The start to a glorious and blissful brand new day begins with the drawing of the curtains and blinds to let in the golden rays of the rising sun. The yellow hues bring freshness laced with new hopes, aspirations, dreams and happenings. It is a visual treat to see the darkness of the night being broken by the brightest star of our universe. The rise of the sun above the horizon with the cocks crowing in the distant background gives a perfect rustic start to the day, a verdant picturesque view of the fields, a contrast of blue, green and orange and the sky becomes a canvas with brilliant shades and this picture paints a thousand words!   
A promising start to the day is made with the brushing of teeth and rinsing of the mouth to clean off the germs and bacteria. The sparkling and fresh result of this activity makes us rejuvenated and ready to face the heat and dust of the day! A positive and favourable kick off to the day brings cheer all around us.
Adding extra vigour and vitality to our body and souls is the golden ------ from sunrise to sunset, this brush gives a flying start to face the hustle and bustle of life, leaving inertia and laziness aside, and we are full of the joys of spring! The freshness tickles us pink and the pleasant breath blows away one’s blues!

The gold brush is an ace up one’s sleeve and we feel fine and dandy and full of beans ready to take on the world! A flying start to the day happens when we are clean, sparkling and shining, brimming with confidence and glistening with self belief!
Now with the all new Colgate 360 gold tooth brush, one can turn good mornings into gold mornings and it not only cleans the teeth but also the mouth, gums, tongue and cheek giving a fresh experience to last from dawn to dusk. It is a complete oral care product with charcoal that bestows best mouth protection. It is second to none and unrivalled in the market of toothbrushes at the moment. The bristles are neither too harsh on the mouth nor too soft and therefore aids in the immaculate cleaning of the mouth leaving us neat as a pin. The radiant look after the hygienic and thorough brushing makes heads turn!
The zeal and zest to face a brand new today is ours even if we cannot recover yesterday. By keeping the face towards the sunshine, a shadow is never cast and we could be winners leading to the gates of eternity! It is a miracle to be alive each morning to see a new day full of expectations and how we spend our mornings more often than not tell us how the day is going to span out! With a new day come new thoughts and new strengths. So wake up each morning with a smile and turn the good morning into a gold morning!!!

To know more on Colgate and its products log on to :

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Interstellar Voyage

My odyssey to blogosphere began in 2007,a lift off with a external thrust from a buddy who was always abreast with the latest and trending stuff. The usual chat revolved around everything; from the humdrum to buzz to scandals and slander and the word weblog was briefly referred to somewhere in the course of the jabbering, maybe like a footnote which went like this...”Suni, that is the trend these days with people globally, becoming interactive through their blog posts, I have started my page with blogspot and so could you as you have a passion to write.” My thoughts were channelized to the last few words that she uttered about the zest part and that ignited my curiosity! All other chores were put on the back burner and I jumped on the bandwagon and soon I was in the saddle raring to go. And that was the genesis of http://www.specs-buffy.blogspot.com in 2011 after a four year period of glorious uncertainties.
no big bang explosions but the birth of a tiny star( unabashedly call myself a star!) in a galaxy. The first few months were a revelation, well only to me, with the pages in my blog going back in time. For the next couple of years, the sojourn lost steam and the enthusiasm died down; it was now a saunter and a stroll like a lazy walk in the park, more precisely prosaic as a tame game of golf.  The posts became few and far between and the blogger in me lay in a state of comatose with the reader fraternity ready to pull the ventilator off and do euthanasia a world of good! But miracles do happen and Indiblogger resuscitated me and rekindled the dying fire. I was enamoured by a news item with a photo graph (thank God there are no pop up blocks in newspapers!) of indibloggers making merry in Windsor Manor in Bengaluru, in the autumn of 2011.  
 My blog expedition renewed like NASA’s Interstellar voyager mission, slow but steady, exploring the cornucopia of Wordsmiths!
Look at what I unearthed from a heap of distinguished directory of writers- http://specs-buffy.blogspot.in/2012/02/of-blogs-and-titles-whats-in-name.html
A few in this inventory have become red giants but many have tirelessly worked their way to become Supernovas!!!  The appealing indiblogger belvedere has had me spellbound with its hodgepodge of activities such as meets, contests and for sure the indivine. The jingles “Indian by birth and bloggers by choice” and “We blog, therefore we are” sound more like war cries with a  vengeance to engross and enslave you, bringing in its way friends, philosophers, guides, well wishers, benefactors, backers and patrons. The chance encounters with a few have been symbolic and meaningful with a rich experience that is exhilarating and inspiring, rip roaring in fact! I am deeply honoured and privileged to introduce to my readers these doyens and stalwarts who have held me in sway!
? K Parthasarathi, a maverick story teller whose fables are a hybrid with the charm of R K Narayan’s and twists of O Henry, leave us in absolute awe and suspense, always yearning for more. He has to his credit over 1000 short stories, (maybe more as I have lost count!)and each one of them is a sparkling gem. Armed with a brilliant and powerful narrative skill along with a keen sense of observation and a wide repertoire of words, his stories reflect the common place with good morals and ethics as the corner stones.  The readers will be infatuated by the “random thoughts” and “reflections” that has grown over the years by leaps and bounds and the author has aged with grace and the wine just got better and better. For the vernacular, he has the tamil blog that has a valuable set of admirers. Being a Cost Accountant by profession, he has the added reputation of writing articles for the Business line newspaper in his heydays apart from contributing to dime a dozen online magazines and papers which he still does with a flourish.
 For me personally, he is an icon I look up to, for his remarkable attitude, his frank, forthright and constructive views on my posts which have been very motivating and highly self rewarding, and above all, for his extraordinary talent at writing with consummate ease and proficiency. I have embraced him as my grandfather and fervently hope that I imbibe his stupendous qualities! May the Almighty give him a long life so that he can hold many more readers as ransom to his random thoughts flowering as stories!  I am sure you all are thirsting to get into the magical world of this phenomenal story teller, you can at:
? Mir Fleur, who blogs at http://www.tsps-of-mir.com/ with the title “The somewhat peculiar story of Mir” is an embodiment and powerhouse of talent. I am dumbfounded by her creativity despite the perplexities of life that abound her. She may have never counted her problems but the thorns have been blissfully converted to her strengths and she has risen like a phoenix.  A Scholar in Mathematics and Control systems, Dr. Fleur has the uncanny ability of writing memoirs and nostalgic posts of her childhood that strike a chord with me and she reminds me many a time of Enid Blyton, whom we all have grown up with! I understand that many of her fictional works have been published in national dailies and also is the author of three full length novels that she is itching to publish as a book. This proves her credentials as a versatile writer with the ingredients of subtle humour, imagination and ingenuity.
For me personally, she is a belligerent lady who has taken life in her stride, living through her miseries but still smiling, enchanting me with her artistry. She exudes in her personality an extreme degree of positivity and remains an enigma. For a life beseeched with hardships and predicaments and whose second name is adversity, I pray to the Lord to be more merciful and kind to this wonderful human being.
 My dear friends, you may soak in her writings by visiting her domain.
? Somali K Chakrabarti, who “Scribbles and Scrawls“ at https://prepforum.wordpress.com/ is a bountiful writer with fertile imagination and creativity that stimulates, emboldens and sets our thought process in hyper active mode. She arouses a sense of curiosity with her haikus and tankas. She has taken the blogging world by storm with her book called “Lei: A wreath for your soul” that has all the celebrations of nature and reflections of life with a wonderful and unique collection of poems. She is the Tzar of fantasy and has the power to transport us to a new realm that has the promised milk and honey! An engineer by profession with the Sloan Fellow tag from the prestigious London School of Business, writing comes naturally to her and her posts leave us craving for more!
For me personally, she is the quintessential manifestation of all things nice and lovely and an avatar of creativity. She impresses and invigorates me to such an extent that I keep going back to her posts like bees to a flower! I am certain that my followers would also flock to her blog page! The awards that are bestowed on her speaks volumes about her skills that are unmatched and non pareil!
? Maniparna Sengupta Majumdar, an exemplar of imaginativeness and originality oozing with flair. Her blog page titled “scattered thoughts” is a perpetual ocean of thoughts that sets us to reflect, speculate, ponder and appreciate. She is at ease with any topic ranging from poems to fiction to travel to book reviews to photography and so there is something for everyone. The choice of words and phrases are vivid and scintillating and little wonder that Maniparna has a huge fan following.
For me personally, in the first place I was enchanted with her name that led me to explore her blog and I was amply rewarded with an abundance of beautifully penned poems and haikus! Folks, you too can get drenched in the rain of haikus by visiting her page at https://maniparna5002.wordpress.com/
My interstellar voyage continues, delving deep into the unknown galaxy, exploring new stars and supernovas.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Open Dosa, Bengaluru Adiga’s style

Open Dose, Bengaluru Adiga’s style

Indian food is a blend of cultures and tastes of different states like its wonderful people and each recipe is distinct, distinguishing itself in its unique flavour. I enjoy all types of food but beyond doubt very much partial to the dosa , the staple dish of the southern states now borrowed worldwide. The fermented batter of rice and lentil when ladled onto the tava or griddle in a round shape with a rich dollop of ghee to give the crisp version is indeed mouth watering. The influence of the province has made the dosa to change, departing from the traditional to innovative novel versions that have made it more yummy and delectable.
Over the weekend, I had some guests from north of the Vindyas and they became my guinea pigs on my food exploits! Here, I am recreating the special delicacy fittingly called the Open Dos which is a trademark of Bengaluru’s chain of restaurants Vasudev Adiga’s. However, try as I might, I am unable to re-enact the expressions on the faces before and after the eating event!!!
Ingredients required to make approximately 20 numbers
Dosa batter fermented – 4 cups
Potatoes – ¾ kilo
Tomatoes – 1
Onion – 1
Carrot grated- 2 medium numbers
Coconut grated – ¼ cup
Coriander leaves – a small bunch cut into small pieces
Curry leaves – a few leaves
Gram dal – 1tsp
Mustard seeds – 1tsp
Ghee – to ladle the dosas
Butter – 4 tsp
Oil for tempering
Turmeric powder – 1tsp
Green chillies – 4 slit
Salt to taste
Chutney powder –  4 tbsp-available in the stores or one can make it at home
Cook the potatoes well and mash them while still hot. Cut the tomato and onion into small pieces. Slit the chillies.
Heat the oil in a kadai and allow the mustard seeds to splutter, then add the onions and sauté them well till the raw smell disappears.  Add the chillies, curry leaves and tomatoes and continue to sauté for some time. Add very little quantity of water( ensure that it does not become watery) and turmeric powder and allow it to get cooked on low flame. Add the smashed potatoes to the gravy and cook for some time. The basic masala or sagu is ready.
Pour the batter on the hot tava, shape into a round and grease it with ghee. Put the flame on low and close the tava with a lid and allow it cook. Open the lid and sprinkle the chutney powder.
Spread the grated carrot evenly and then place a small quantity of the sagu or potato masala in the centre.
Spread a very small quantity of coconut around.
Top it up with freshly cut coriander leaves and a dollop of butter, close the lid for a fleeting second.

Tempting Open Dosa is ready to be savoured with hot steaming sambar and chutney.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chivalrous Combatant

Guns booming in the background
Salutations to my combatant warrior
Aloha turned into an adieu in a flash
Do I cry or weep or lament for my beloved
snuffed out like an extinguished candle
Anguish of the nation on the beat with mine
Assassins blown up in ire at the deed
A downpour of emotions obscuring sanity
Where is my valour? Died out by the dastard
Life cast away in obscurity and fathoms deep
Adrift and disoriented,
As I find my moorings, reclaiming fragments
Clarion call, halt not, proceed
Chivalrous like the cavalry, march with the bugle
Massacre the foe, be an armament to protect
My nation, my motherland.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Begin again- my scrapbook!

IndiBlogger Badge

Ebbs and tides of a bygone year
Piggyback with cheer, sometime a tear
Accompanied moments of wistful bear
Hearts and flowers of memories recapture

Alleviated spirits with sublime pure
Elementary matters transporting unknown sphere
Melancholy cycles dealt in fear
Jubilant sense of ecstasy in absolute sheer

Craving of ambitions, greedy with lustful desire
Appetite that is voracious asking for more
Contentment buried, gay abandonment to disappear
Oblivious of compassion, lunging despair

Worthy days of value turned dear
Reliving, summoning past to remember
Wrongs woeful to ponder and free the error
Set them right to be precise, perfect and proper

Dauntless resolves to desist and forbear
Restrain but indulge in passionate fervour
Shedding venerable objects of matter
Bounce and spring to relations eager

Threshold of a brand new age we usher
Hallowed celestial at this juncture
Bid farewell only to rise clear and higher
Bowing to Providence, the prime mover

(The poem is written in monorhyme format that has similar sounds ending throughout.)

At the very outset (amused to use this phrase at the fag end of 2015) let me have the pleasure of expressing my hearty thanks to Gurunath who blogs at http://www.bestofguru.net/ for allowing my thoughts to take form through his blog. I feel ebullient and on top of the world – so 2015 is ending with a bang!
A calendar year has its peaks and troughs and each year is special and charming with intermediate doses of sourness and bitter thrown in between to make us grounded. After all gravity makes us rooted to terra firma!
It always feels great to recall the good moments that are so carefully safeguarded in the vault of memories and unleash them to the world! Ringing in the new year in my life so far has never been an affair of pomp and gaiety but ones of serenity, bonhomie and soulful in the wonderful company of dear and near. I have always felt that nothing in life is dearer and priceless than the adorable company of kinsfolk. Celebrations are usually in the form of lovely candle light dinners in cosy and warm places with the family to cherish for the complete year.
When my father came back alive from the claws of death in the year 1976, I think that was to me one year to embrace and I salute the Almighty for a fresh beginning.1991 was a watershed year with a double whammy, baccalaureate with a management degree and finding my partner for life- 12 glorious months of joy and happiness. Matchless are the joys of motherhood and 1997 and 1998 have been boon years on this front. The high points have all been pinnacles of personal glory with the elder son graduating with top honours and getting into a college of his choice. The most blissful moment of 2015 has been that of my hubby getting the opportunity that he was waiting for all his life and me “waiting “ with bated breath to see the light of day of that magical wish come true. I take immense joy in others’ exaltations and these give me a real high!!!
The trenches of despair are part and parcel in the journey of life as the counter moves from one location to another, so do my kith and kin pass away to another realm, missing their presence is sorrow of the deepest kind. The havoc wrought about by nature’s fury was devastating and the sense of helplessness adding to the dimension of grief and sadness. The letting down of friends and relatives, who failed to recognize my endearment, is the nadir of the disappointment and I fervently hope that blood is proved thicker than water.
Resolutions....aha...they pop up at the tail end of December with absolute resilience to look where I stand against where I intended to be, giving a fresh and eager start to accomplish the near impossible such as healthy hogging, soaking in new skills, to be wowed by wanderlust, to let loose the angel in me and to vacuum clean my mind of cynicism, counter blows and cruelty!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Out of this world!


The doors of the KUV opened, and out stepped my neta, yes the very same bat in the belfry guy who turns things upside down and makes life miserable for the commoners, well his guest appearance was to inaugurate a school that had been conceptualized by the campaign of NDTV and coca cola, the school was amidst the sylvan green of bewitching Bengaluru near my house. I was exulting in the dish washer which my mom was going gaga over and my paternal grandfather appeared before me in my dreams and blessed me! Relishing my dessert with no guilt feeling whatsoever, I looked at the 15 incher glowing in the darkness of the night in my nebula  ...lo and behold...all the real life inspired characters and images of my blog posts were coming alive on the magnificent note book with the red backlit keyboard.
I was besieged and soon there was a flurry of activity and explosions of oohs and aahs around me. I typed Sunita on the flaming red background and abracadabra the specs buffy appeared on the screen alive and kicking in a comical caricature replete with the balding curls, the unscientific look and the prominent bulges showing prosperity! The inquisitive curiosity rover in me was unleashed and the keys were pressed with alarming intensity, and each time I was bowled over by the wizardry of the magical materialization of the real heroes in http://www.specs-buffy.blogspot.com and http://adsunsri.wordpress.com! The personalities in the journey of life were portrayed on the sparkling canopy and speaking the dialogues that I had so carefully penned down. There is life after death after all, and the growing evidence of it proved by this sixth generation intel core processor! 

As I sat mesmerized by the galaxy of stars on the jet black screen animated and tumultuous by the turn of events, the already imbecilic brain of mine had further shrunk and was tightly wrapped around with a protective shield that prevents any atom of intelligence into it! The guardian angel son of mine, (fortunately inherited only my looks along with the add on in the form of myopic vision and not the intelligence quotient!), always attempts to bail me out from such perilous bearings and fails miserably, tried one more time to explain about the feature embedded in the out of the world shining knight in armour, the HP Star wars inspired Note book that had the remarkable ability to bring alive any character in a post and make it into an animated movie clip or present itself as a cartoon sketch for a newspaper or magazine!
Now I was in interactive mode, some of the protagonists were inviting me onto the stage and forcing me to let down my hair, do a tap dance or sing along. Some villains in the play were giving menacing glares, threatening me to withdraw the characters or else pay the price for this. Threats...pooh.....they fall on deaf ears and my keyboard tapped along making them from bad to worse! I paused and rewound on the unforgettable memories of childhood, sat back and let the drama of life unfold before me once again with all its glory!

 It was awakening all my senses and unleashing the force within me! My imagination ran wild and loose with this irresistible awe inspiring special edition from the house of HP! I flipped the interactive touch screen, ran out of the house in sheer ecstasy a la Archimedes style to let the world know! The high definition screen was aflame with stares and ogles of envy from my neighbourhood and I knew that the battle lines were drawn and the aliens would come for my throat any time with their saber, sword, battle axe, gun, missile and all the powers of the nether world only to be annihilated by the all powerful sovereign stellar performer!!!  
From whatever little I grasped from my son’s elucidation, the app worked something like this – it recognized the various persons, their personalities with physical attributes, their roles in the essays or posts or poems and classified them as heroes and bad guys to give the ultimate performance in life’s stage. The actors executed their acting skills to perfection, showcasing the talent of ‘mudras’ of anger, joy, surprise, shock, bewilderment, parody, cynicism, farce, satire, mimicry and a galaxy of emotions stretching far and beyond our milky way! These characters were loaded by the program to deliver their punchy one liners and lengthy dialogues and the story tumbled out as and when the post was completed. An instant transformation from the plain black and white characters to spirited caricatures emboldened and energized to play their stellar roles on the mini screen.

I was in awe slowly taking in the reverie of the unfolding times and imagined to be the master of the universe, brought exclusively by the Hewlett Packard enterprise!

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Friday, December 18, 2015

KUV 100- the kool Kat!

This is my first venture into unchartered territories of writing a review for an automobile despite being behind the wheel for nearly three decades. So readers, fasten your seat belts as I take you on a joy ride in the kool KUV 100 from the stables of M&M!!!
At first look of the KUV 100, my thoughts went to the image of a gigantic tusker with a baby elephant tucked between his legs- the KUV is the baby of the XUV!!!
See these images and you will nod your heads in agreement.

The rugged, aggressive and powerful vehicle will be unveiled on January 15th 2016. Powered by the mfalcon engine with a capacity of 1198 CC, a maximum capability of 77bhp@3750rpm and a maximum torque of 190Nm@1750-2250 rpm, this stunner is indeed a head turner! It comes in dual Variable Valve Timing petrol version as well as turbo charged diesel engine.
The mfalcon common rail diesel engine named after the big bird of prey, though light in weight, is high on performance with BS IV emission standards compliant. With this launch, Mahindra marks its dramatic entry into the ground up petrol segment in the compact SUV class. It will give its competitors in this category, a run for their money mainly due to its lifestyle appeal to the generation Y who identify themselves as cool and trendy!
It rolls out from the Chakan plant in Pune, Maharashtra state and is designed to perfection. KUV 100 (pronounced as one double ooh) is pegged below the pioneer XUV 500 and TUV 300 but has the same combative and menacing appearance! The interiors are a well kept secret to arouse the curiosity of its patrons who are waiting with bated breath to lay their hands on the masculine beauty but one little birdie told me that the cabin insides are equally tantalizing as the exteriors with rugged steering wheel with audio controls mounted on it, power windows, touch screen entertainment, central console, foldable seat and dual toned colours of upholstery.
The price is a real torpedo expected to be in the affordable range of INR 4 to 6.5 lakhs and the exteriors are based on an unique monocoque design. The hawkish front face with taunting grills and wrap around LED headlamps, a chiselled hood with high shoulder line and wide stance have all added up to give the real SUV feel!   
It comes with airbags, antilock braking system with electronic brake force distribution and electronic stability program that ensures utmost safety and stability. It comes with 6 seats with a 3-3 configuration and the colours are breathtaking with fiery orange, demure pearly white, soothing aquamarine, designer grey and midnight black!


Set you time, date and clock for the grand launch of the trendy SUV and be there to witness the revolution!