Saturday, July 9, 2011


It took some time to come back from Bharoo's STC PDC days - nowhere in the world will you find those brightly painted red town buses with saintly names to boot! The only black spot in these jaunty rides used to be the typical " Mallufied " males who dig their oily hands in the most awkward places even though we never ventured to wear provocative outfits! To tackle these roadside romeos we equipped ourselves with safety pins and other hitech gadgets which fended them miles away from us.

I'm yet to graduate from school for there's so much to share. I can never forget our physics sir late Mr. Koshy - the moment he enters the class, he would firmly shut the door {which had a small glass window in the corner} and invariably , somebody would peep through it. Within minutes the door flew open and he'd mumble to himself "you stupid blucks of wood " ! I was always a frontbencher not because of my over enthusiasm towards studies, but my eyesight didn't permit me to share that space with anyone else - there would be a shower from Mr. Koshy's mouth whenever he scolded us and it landed right on my face ! To avoid this we girls thought of a plan and came up in a flash with a brilliant "bulb" - we sprinkled some ink on the desk & he got "batik" design on his hand.But this plan widely went off target as this did not deter him from his threats to use the "meter rule" on us!

Imagine,we have even kept those crackling dry rubber tree seeds under the teacher's chair which would give a "pop" sound the moment some honourable Professor sat on it.Our lunch break was well spent collecting those seeds from the nearby rubber tree grove.

The Maths class was a real challenger class - highly fast paced as the first student finishing the problems correctly mind you,would get a chance to solve them on the board - a big morale boost for us in those days.We were already groomed for the rapid fire buzzer rounds in the years to come..... the class of 85 juggernaut will roll on.

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