Saturday, July 9, 2011


UNFOLDING A BYGONE ERA ---------------------- Eyes moist,ears tingling,head swimming,voice choking-yes,I am reliving every moment of our glorious past - an era of pure unadulterated fun,of childhood innocence.Bharoo,you have succeeded in opening the flood gates of joy in myriad colours,I quote here a few of a plethora of instances;remember how we were caught redhanded for plucking those delicious "kashuandis",the run to the swimming pool & the tadpole necklace that I was decorated with,the umpteen videos we sneaked at the club's videoparlour-not to forget "khyber pass",how we rolled with laughter always coming back for more,our own tennis classes,the woodstock musical nights,our vanishing trick after cycling head on into a boy of LP school & to scoot from the scene only to get a dressing down from my pitaji! we managed to learn cycling in Bharoo's very own back yard-a piece of land which had more bumps than level ground!our collage days which saw a collection of all our heroes from Sabatini to Azhar!The enactment of the various stories in CJ's class-I just can't forget "The room with a view"-the numerous pairs we created -you guys put me up with Neel for being part of the two member debating club!!! I am leaving you here & you can let loose your imagination till I come back for more...... SUNITA,the evergreen BUFFY

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