Monday, October 3, 2011

The best s(m)elling secrets

The aroma of freshly ground coffee for a coffee totaller like me- so very invigorating..aha. this word itself gives energy. Flip the pages of a new book and the whiff of that transports us to another world ... oh for that odour of the new bedsheet giving a hypnotic effect on my slumber ... Sniff the air around you when nearing a bread factory- the olfactory senses winds its way into your stomach ... Feel the earthen fragrance when rain falls for the first time on the parched land- simply heavenly...


  1. Ah...You spilled the secrets so beautifully...Wish could spend a day doing just these wonderful things...:)

  2. You made my day Padhu and Saru :)You made my day Padhu and Saru :)

  3. the earth - yesss

    the mysore sandal soap factory near my place is also one sweet smelling place

  4. you know something, Sujatha I got inspired to write this after your post on 10 favourite things but my creativity and imagination ended at 5 ( only 50% strike rate:))


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