Saturday, October 22, 2011


        I sat glumly on the delicate head 
         Deeply distressed, forlorn and uncared for
        Lifeless, dull and in Coiffeur
          Impoverished, desperately seeking attention....

        To cure my malady,
          Many a virtuoso deliberated
        But all attempts futile, love torn apart
           Hairsplitting, on the verge of a breakdown....

        The enduring pain seemed eternal
           In the dungeon, a glimmer of hope and desire
         An aura of radiance emanating,
            In disguise of a " DOVE", came a bewitching Fairy....

         Gently canoodling the tresses
            With the treacle, worked her way like a wizard
          Each strand throbbing back to life
             Rejuvenated at the scalp, I bounced up in ecstasy....

          Back in vogue, permed, styled and set
             Many a haughty head turned
           Admiring the hairdo, going green with envy
             Adulation , was in full bloom....

          Felt, touched,caressed and pampered
             It was a new day in paradise
          The star studded tiara resting
             On the pinnacle of glory, in UTOPIA....  


  1. I wish in my heart of hearts that a 'dove' does manifest! Now you are making me dream even during the day! :o).

  2. Very Beautiful!...And Profound... :)

  3. Thanks Deeps and Anshul- this poem was written for a contest by Dove cosmetic and the theme was "love is a two way street- love your hair and it loves you back"

  4. Hi..just came to check your entry. wrote a poem! Wish you all the very best :)

  5. Beautiful lines! Best wishes for the contest. :)

  6. Sunita - what a great poet you are! I noted the red and green which differentiated the +/- and loved the line "...Rejuvenated at the scalp, I bounced up in ecstasy...." It simply captured that 'wow' moment! Enjoyed reading, a +1 from me! :)

  7. A poem from the perspective of Hair. Lovely

  8. Thankyou so much Arif for understanding the TRUE meaning - you really made my day, a wow moment to last a lifetime!

  9. Swapna, I appreciate your feedback!

  10. wish u all d best:)

    chk mine

  11. very well written. real gem.
    best wishes

  12. Thanks for all your good wishes @Greta, sure I shall stop by your blog!

  13. Honestly, I think this is one of the best renditions I have read till now. All the best Sunita :)

  14. Very nice poem! Good luck for the contest.

  15. very nice composition!! all d best
    u can check my post at Qvendo!! and u can also hit fb like overdere!! :)

  16. oh this is for the contest? hmm had no idea. very nice poem. you've taken a different route for the contest, unique entry

  17. Thanks Sujatha - you know I feel like a contestant in. a reality show, cajoling and coaxing for votes! I cant take it any more;(

  18. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  19. Good one sunita. splendid words and well composed. I suppose it's for the contest. All the best.

  20. Nice use of words..with attention grabbing highlighting of words . Feeling rejuvenated.

  21. Thanks to all for stopping by, now I feel rejuvenated:)

  22. beautiful worded poem.. Loved it.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. All the best to you..

    Someone is Special

  23. Well written post :) Very nice article..
    all d best wishes. :)

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