Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Stalker

To laugh or cry, to rejoice or sulk 
at this looming shadow 

Omnipresent knight... 

I am the princess 
and he the palanquin bearer 

The Sun playing truant with the clouds 
appearing when least expected 

Vanishing ... 
but leaving its golden rays 
the glare piercing through... 

To laugh or cry,  to rejoice or sulk 
at this haunting ghost 

Overbearing Phantom... 
can sense the masked apparition 
from the corner of my eye 

That palpable obscure spectre 
haunting me every moment 


For the defenseless prey 
like a crouching stealthy TIGER..


  1. Deepika thanks for following me and comparing me to the greats like Blake


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