Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Relationships hardly matter 
     when money do we cater 
     In a world so materialistic 
      and expectations  idealistic 

   Desires are insatiable 
    hunger for power inevitable 
   Like a glutton with ravenous appetite,
   Longing for more hence ready to fight

GREED outweighing affection 
needs and wants an infection 
Itching to grab, loot and plunder 
The penurious heart never fonder 

A doleful inheritance tale but TRUE 
Bonding only with legal tender glue 
Love,  an empty coffer,  affinity measured by substance 
Bountiful assets and never ending AVARICIOUSNESS! 


  1. When you speak of greed it's the 'King Midas' that comes in my mind. Neat selection of words and the poem can't be better than this......

    From: www.sriramnivas.com

  2. thanks Sriram that was motivating!

  3. You described the true words about greed.

  4. Greed is the origin of all wicked traits.It robs love from human relationships.
    The message has been brought out nicely


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