Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Crusader

 In the game of cricket, do you, we adore
Beyond compare as a human being
      A crusader for civic issues, coming to the fore
Every forum, grit and determination showing

A true champion in every right
   "Spinning " a web of yarn in many a sports story
All the noble causes,  a note worthy fight
      Many a team thrashed,  to attain glory

     A lover of animals,  an idol that inspire
Standing tall,  when others crumble
     In the young minds, a voice igniting fire
I salute the humble winner, ANIL KUMBLE!

This poem was presented to Shri Anil Kumble by my son Advaith , when he got an opportunity to interact with him as part of 'Edurite' programme for which Anil is the brand ambassador. 


  1. Will pass it on to Advaith, Deepika

  2. Not sure how old A is, but that's pretty good for any age. You have a gifted boy.


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