Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of blogs and titles …..What’s in a name?

I embarked upon this odyssey into blogger space to be fascinated by the congregation of articles and sobriquets like meteor shower , spectacular ,each with an inner meaning and giving an insight into the posts as well as the person. I undocked at the first station , which was “buzzstop” rendering fantastic tech tales and the “pied piper” led me to gadgets galore where “whiz kids” ruled the roost. The galaxy was a “hacktrix” of sorts and the themes , millions of asteroids!
   “Random thoughts”, “musings”, “vibes”, “opinions”, “expressions” and “perceptions” gave way to mellifluous “lightheartedtalk” to eloquent waxing and waning of “words” to blithe “conversations” to rantings, ravings, rumblings and the leader of the pack like the great bear was “cybernag” undoubtedly!
    Wonderful moments , which were hitherto held captive , started flowing out “straightfromtheheart” with “chaptersfromoneslife”. The epithets were “mind” boggling and I could see a Martian “ shadowdancingwithmind” leading to a “mindfiasco” but still there was an “avibration” with the alien!
   Even up there , I was enchanted by this “peddlarofdreams” who sold “inspirationaldailies” creating “zillionopportunities” for “wannabauthors” . Outpourings transformed through “inkandfeathers” and “sentimentalcallligraphy” weaving and winding its way through the maze!
  To replenish my system, I settled “overacuppacofee” to go on a jungle safari , yes there were not only ‘stars’ but stripes as well with Leopaws “bigbitz” resounding with thunderous roar ,devices stored in “gadgetcages”and left behind as debris was the “diaryoftheragingbull”! I looked yonder and heard astronauts lamenting “mytalentissowasted”. Lines., brushes and sketches made me to discover “” and the wizards of space conjured up images through “magiceye” which were truly and literally out of the world!
   My “whackedoutbrain” was still trying to decipher abstract non de plumes of the order of “deferredbrilliance” ,”investinternals”, “perpetualthinking” and I got a hard rap on my skull with a word of caution “bemoneyaware”! Stomach rumbling, I searched for food for thought when recipes tumbled out from “mykitchenflavorsbonappetit” and manna dropped from heaven-“divinetaste”. Food was delicious and tickling my palate and brain was “tikulicious”.
   The afternoon siesta brought about ‘Wordsworthonian’ mirth and melancholy through the “voiceofthevillagegirl” ,yellow daffodils swaying in zero gravity! I laughed my heart out over “wittyjester” and spent the star studded evening dressed to kill with “fashionqoutient”!
   Sojourn ended with the space ship landing with a thud and needless to say my hunt for that charming and elusive pseudonym still goes on……what’s in a name ? plenty I must say!!!     


  1. Wow! That sure was a mindboggling journey into blogs and names that go with them. Thank for including Cybernag into your voyage of names. Loved how you have strung the names together to form a coherent post. :)

  2. Loved this, Sunita. You had me smiling as each line built up. Really a good idea. Maybe you can add links to the names since there were a few that I was reading about for the first time.

  3. HAHA awesome compilation i must say :)
    Great to remember and enter all the names :)
    i was searching for my blog name :( sob sob !

  4. I am indeed delighted with your comments, Zephyr,thanks!
    I should have included the links but somehow it never occurred to me! Happy that the post was entertaining to your Subhorup!
    A faux pas indeed, Karthik, I how on earth could I miss your " 360 speak and chaar sow bees " , extremely sorry about the miss, but dont you worry there is the sequel to this like Don2:))

  5. wow i could never do this. brilliantly put together.

  6. Sujatha, I just fished for some compliments;)

  7. hahahahahha and boy did u succeed or what!!!
    like your sense of humor :))

  8. I loved this post. Love the way you wrote it and the way you weaved those names in a superlative manner...

    Kudos to the creativity...:)

    1. WOW, you have definitely been doing a lot of blog surfing!

  9. hahaha...Awesome post..I must say.....

  10. Blogpost with blognames. Very creative n awesome post Dear. Nice write up

  11. This is a super-cool post. Some interesting blog titles out there, eh! I look forward to the sequel.

  12. Sorry! to miss the visit, my Congratulation!
    An interesting alignment,enjoyed to find in the frame with elite align B.Solder's, not alienable.:)Much of which I can't relate..becoz again stay foreign.:)
    All the best, keep writing..

  13. thanks to all my avid readers- "abou ben adam" , may your tribe increase :)

  14. To me it was an interesting read... its fantastic the way you convey your thoughts! Cheers!

  15. Aha!! I almost rolled on the floor, this post knocking me down. So fluffy, teasy and flirty..wordsmithian you are!

  16. Aha!! I almost rolled on the floor, this post knocking me down. So fluffy, teasy and flirty..wordsmithian you are!


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