Tuesday, June 26, 2012

                                        The Candle

A wick illuminating beauty and light
Emanating an aura and shadows large
The waxed cylinder a beholding sight
Delightful like a floating barge

In a dinner, melting away to glory
Sparkling a meteor shower
People gather telling many a story
Attracting like bees to a honeyed flower

I am elegant, stately and tall
But diminishing as time goes by
Elevating the stature of one and all
Not cruel like mirrors that never lie

A radiant beacon with a ray of hope
Swaying and flickering in the cool breeze
Lighted up in church by the Pope
Always like in prayer for world peace.


  1. WOW Sunita, this is magical, loved the part where you wrote about dinner and story. Poetic Brilliance!

  2. I appreciate your words,Saru
    Thanks to all for the votes but awaiting the comments:( hard to come by!

  3. Candle has been done a lot in poetry yet you managed to give it a freshness :)


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