Monday, August 6, 2012

                                                                      DEAR DEPARTED

A cruel blow of fate or God wanted him more
   Blossoming bud never to flower
Life shred to pieces , fragmented and sore
   Oh dear nephew , how could you go forever?

Standing amidst the stars gazing down in grace
   Watching the descending pall and gloom
Bearers longing to hug and embrace
   Oh dear nephew , how could you disappear?

World crumbling and a virtual standstill
   The nest empty, void, barren and languish
Longing, yearning, craving to the divine will
   Oh dear nephew , how could you vanish?

Anguish, never to dry up a torrent of tears
   In eternity we wait in solitude and desolation
Chronicles remain of the gone by years
   Oh dear Siddharth , how could you ebb away?

(This is a requiem to my nephew Siddharth who passed away at the tender age of 25 on 03.08.2012)

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