Wednesday, August 8, 2012

        When the...
                                       Ballroom beckoned bloggers...

          Kids sprayed water on us from the hoses out of the huge ad boards inside the glittering ballroom and we were drenched from head to toe and this was just the beginning....

          Like the #tag of 'soak no more ' , I tagged my first follower in life as well as in Indiblogger and he looked extremely pleased and delighted as he simply had to live up to the prefix 'tag' and play second fiddle! The all too familiar purple hued boxes of surf excelmatic popped out of the billboards ready to be grabbed and the moderator and crew had purple T shirts to boot! The ambience was spectacular and my first Indiblogger meet had indeed started off with a bang!!!
          As always , we were on time , the eager hostess happy to help to log us in and we snuggly settled in the comfortable chairs nursing a drink of fruit punch. The attendees trickled in and the funny and not so funny names came up on the giant screen too, much to the amusement of the audience.


           Kick starting the gala event was Anoop , of Indiblogger who captivated and enthralled us and how I wished I belonged to the zodiac sign "leo"as bean bags and 6 months of detergent flowed like wine. The prelude was followed by baptism and  we got to know each other . My debut , was with what I thought Iam best at and that was reading this impromptu poem scribbled as I sipped on my fruit punch!

               A cocktail of poetry, technology and fiction
                     with a zeal, many on a mission

                Indiblogger, a phoenix standing tall
                      Minds meeting on a platform in Capitol

                 A writers' boulevard at a hub in Bangalore
                      Elite and celeb scribe with a folklore

                 Serenading in a sea of literati
                      Wordsmiths enticing with gravity

                 A haven showcasing eloquence
                    penning thoughts , feelings and emotions so dense

                   Reading, browsing,surfing till we soak no more
                           blogging fun, frolic, fervour and heart to pour

                   Leading from front, moderator Zombie
                                          Made larger than life by founder Renie!!!
There were no droolings of ooh, aah,and shouts of encore but a thunderous applause  made my day!
          Now it was time to let our hair down and we did it in style .Obviously there had to be a ball game in the ball room and all of us were divided into 4 colourful teams - blue, green, red and orange- red I chose with the team aptly named as "washed out" and we marinated in the hour long whoopee.
          Ravenous , after the gaming session, the counters of cakes, cookies and sandwiches was a treat ,washed down with aromatic coffee! The bloggers linked up with each other and I was on cloud nine when a few of them came up to me and appreciated my poetry- I had managed to market my blog or atleast I thought so!!
          It was then the turn of Mr.Girish of HUL to take centre stage and he rolled out the red carpet for us to enter the "excel"lent world of 'surf'. His presentation on 'surf excel matic' was interspersed with questions and plenty of spoils to be won for the correct answer. He implored us to be 'creative' , 'naughty' and 'plain right' and the suave audience was treated with bean bags, gift hampers, DVD players and so on. The Piece de resistance was the announcement of a new blog contest and the booty was a washing machine - the greatest invention of the century as mutually agreed upon by the debonair participants!
              The Bangalore extravaganza culminated with the organizers and sponsors digging out deep purple T shirts and surf excel matic detergent for all and the bunch of blissful bloggers romped off home richer by the experience . On the way back, the heavens opened up and the already "soaked" could literally take "no more" as the #surf excel matic Indiblogger event had bathed, imbued, sogged and saturated us!!!

ASIDE a lighter vein...
Tips for the next blogger meet
1) You have to be bold not brash
2) You have to flatter the sponsors to no end and then say "I did nit say all these just because I am here"
3)To win freebies, you need to have a loud voice....

And my greatest moment is coming when I win this contest......



  1. That was a great write up to kickstart the meet!

  2. Thanks Vinesh!
    Waiting for essay with your experiences!

  3. Good luck for the contest.
    I could not get in touch with you during the meet, but I was quite impressed with your poem and wanted to connect. Good I found you through this post. I enjoyed the meet very much, as it brought back memories winning the Get Smart Contest and of my mom (lost her to cancer)who was great fan of Surf.
    She always insisted that I use it. With those hampers I am damned to listen to her for few more months at least LOL.

  4. Thanks Farila for visiting my blog .
    Let me confess that in the blogger meet I was lost in a sea of new faces, this being my first meet . I have visited your blog and indeed fascinated by the way you write and the grit and determination . My mother is also a cancer survivor having undergone masectomy and I know what pains and trauma one undergoes.
    My blog is comparatively new and I am only about 35 posts old, though I get votes , there is a dearth of comments which I sincerely look forward to improve myself- I think the fault is I don;t spend sufficient time and read the blogs as much as I wish to do so . Anyway we will keep in touch


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