Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of blogs and titles …..What’s in a name?

I embarked upon this odyssey into blogger space to be fascinated by the congregation of articles and sobriquets like meteor shower , spectacular ,each with an inner meaning and giving an insight into the posts as well as the person. I undocked at the first station , which was “buzzstop” rendering fantastic tech tales and the “pied piper” led me to gadgets galore where “whiz kids” ruled the roost. The galaxy was a “hacktrix” of sorts and the themes , millions of asteroids!
   “Random thoughts”, “musings”, “vibes”, “opinions”, “expressions” and “perceptions” gave way to mellifluous “lightheartedtalk” to eloquent waxing and waning of “words” to blithe “conversations” to rantings, ravings, rumblings and the leader of the pack like the great bear was “cybernag” undoubtedly!
    Wonderful moments , which were hitherto held captive , started flowing out “straightfromtheheart” with “chaptersfromoneslife”. The epithets were “mind” boggling and I could see a Martian “ shadowdancingwithmind” leading to a “mindfiasco” but still there was an “avibration” with the alien!
   Even up there , I was enchanted by this “peddlarofdreams” who sold “inspirationaldailies” creating “zillionopportunities” for “wannabauthors” . Outpourings transformed through “inkandfeathers” and “sentimentalcallligraphy” weaving and winding its way through the maze!
  To replenish my system, I settled “overacuppacofee” to go on a jungle safari , yes there were not only ‘stars’ but stripes as well with Leopaws “bigbitz” resounding with thunderous roar ,devices stored in “gadgetcages”and left behind as debris was the “diaryoftheragingbull”! I looked yonder and heard astronauts lamenting “mytalentissowasted”. Lines., brushes and sketches made me to discover “” and the wizards of space conjured up images through “magiceye” which were truly and literally out of the world!
   My “whackedoutbrain” was still trying to decipher abstract non de plumes of the order of “deferredbrilliance” ,”investinternals”, “perpetualthinking” and I got a hard rap on my skull with a word of caution “bemoneyaware”! Stomach rumbling, I searched for food for thought when recipes tumbled out from “mykitchenflavorsbonappetit” and manna dropped from heaven-“divinetaste”. Food was delicious and tickling my palate and brain was “tikulicious”.
   The afternoon siesta brought about ‘Wordsworthonian’ mirth and melancholy through the “voiceofthevillagegirl” ,yellow daffodils swaying in zero gravity! I laughed my heart out over “wittyjester” and spent the star studded evening dressed to kill with “fashionqoutient”!
   Sojourn ended with the space ship landing with a thud and needless to say my hunt for that charming and elusive pseudonym still goes on……what’s in a name ? plenty I must say!!!     

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Crusader

 In the game of cricket, do you, we adore
Beyond compare as a human being
      A crusader for civic issues, coming to the fore
Every forum, grit and determination showing

A true champion in every right
   "Spinning " a web of yarn in many a sports story
All the noble causes,  a note worthy fight
      Many a team thrashed,  to attain glory

     A lover of animals,  an idol that inspire
Standing tall,  when others crumble
     In the young minds, a voice igniting fire
I salute the humble winner, ANIL KUMBLE!

This poem was presented to Shri Anil Kumble by my son Advaith , when he got an opportunity to interact with him as part of 'Edurite' programme for which Anil is the brand ambassador. 

Friday, February 3, 2012


                          Sriram and myself embarked on a trip, he leaving behind his books and me , my baggage of tirades and sons to fend for themselves. We chose a cozy corner in the departure lounge, but all the same it had a grand stand view of the passengers headed towards various different destinations. We had an hour to kill and soon Sriram was on his BB while I let my eyes to rove 360 degrees .
                          A flash of fluorescent yellow whizzed past and then it came back with the same rapid pace. The words “pachi” was emblazoned on a bright yellow T- shirt and I nudged my hubby with my elbow , he took his eyes off his hand held for a second  , rolled his pupils and roared with laughter , I followed, with the same intensity and at the same time took a reassuring look at my bosom to see that it was firmly in place as ‘pachi’ meant breast in our mother tongue  slang lingo. He  did a few more rapid rounds to show his allegiance to the footballer Daner Pachi from Bolivia ,which I later understood from my football frenzy sons!
                            Sriram went back to his gadget and I to my ogling . In the front row ,was a woman shrieking into her cell phone in high octaves , her entire travel plan lay open , only her body bereft of the shiny yellow metal saved her from a prospective  kidnapper! She had successfully outperformed  the “kolaveri di “ song that was being played on TV – anyway both were not music to my ears!
                            I moved on and this time my eyes settled on a grey haired man  with shoulder length hair , making me go green with envy , wondering what oil and shampoo he was using, wearing a spotless white “veshti” . He had a cloth bag which Iam sure carried precious articles of penance, his eyes were transfixed on a book on spirituality and he looked lost out to the materialistic world, and the repeated announcements over the microphone regarding the arrival of his liner went down in vain. I wanted, on an impulse to go and prod him to get on to his bus and travel to his place of ‘enlightenment’ but better sense prevailed – a person not attached to the threads of life deserved to miss his bus too.
                                       I shifted my butt to get a more comfortable view of this guy , who had opened his laptop and the bright luminescent screen was reminding him of the itinerary , well he needed a Lenovo to tell him his ticketing details! A moment later his fingers were tapping on the rows and columns of the excel sheet, while his bride hunting mother ,sitting next , was fixing his life’s ‘figure’ . She was bragging  to a relative probably, at the other end of the line ,about her son’s six figure salary, his awkward but tight work schedules ,his impending visit to the Silicon valley on a project assignment and so on. Disgusted with the swaggering conversation , my line of vision changed directions and was now resting on two teenage girls who were running their hands through the hair for the nth time , adjusting their add ons on their faces and giggling away to glory as they went about doing the chores, did I do these things while in college- no , never , I would have been chatting on cars, sports, spaceships and galaxies caring a damn about my appearances, a different genre and breed  among the homo sapiens!
                           Tired of their monotonous gestures , I was delighted to turn my attention to a foreigner who had a huge back pack which could easily fit me in , if only I could slip into it and travel like a vagabond! Elsewhere a little girl was continuously crying for water even as her mom looked on helplessly at the empty water bottle.
                           A “double barrel “ shaped couple huffed and puffed as they made their way , in time to catch their luxury sleeper , fortune , no doubt favours the fat too! A guy in shorts moved up and down with his auricles firmly plugged by ear plugs which had more pores than cloth and I pondered how it would help him from the cool winter breeze!
                          The undisturbed sixty minutes of gawking ended leaving me merry and light as my mind was now an R K Laxman canvas of caricatures which fortunately did not have to be put on paper. I whistled as I boarded the Volvo …..Au revoir  and Hasta Manana till we meet again , don’t know where….
                        Jai Ho India , you are my favourite!!!