Thursday, February 27, 2014

  YENNES INFOTECH – A bestseller in the making.
When I stepped into the posh interiors of # 1 , Gokul arcade, a smart front officer warmly welcomed me assuming to be a prospective client. I stammered, stuttered and mumbled “Bharati”. She was a little taken aback at a stranger addressing her boss by the first name and that too without the customary prefix. Soon, I realised and said a little bit more boldly “I want to meet your director”.
    “Do you  have an appointment ma’am?” she asked me, gently flipping through the appointment ledger and scanning her eyes over the system
   I said – “She’s expecting me, tell her it’s Sunita.”
   In a jiffy, the tall vivacious director of Yennes Infotec (P) ltd , Bharati Saravanan strode into the reception lobby and I was mesmerized for a moment – here she was, my childhood buddy, in flesh and blood, reunited after so many years... ‘tomboy’ lass of yesteryears with whom I have spent the maximum time of my growing up years.
  I stifled a shout of excitement as scores of employees were neck deep in work. We hugged and she escorted me to her well kept, neat cubicle and I sat snugly admiring her directorial skills – orders flying, crisp and clear to her well groomed staff keeping a tab on the updates, pleasantly answering her clients for support, sales and service. I felt immensely proud of her and watched the lady in action as my mind traversed to the years of struggle she might have encountered on her way to stardom. Working shoulder to shoulder with her enterprising husband Mr.N.Saravanan, putting her resources of commerce, communication and class to excellent use, they toiled night and day. I am reminded of Sir Winston Churchill’s famous words “ Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” and the Yennes family never waned in their devotion and passion.
   As Yennes Infotec (P) Ltd celebrates two decades of business in Tally, I deem it a proud privilege to bask in their glory. Overcoming hurdles, barriers, obstacles are indeed part and parcel of growing up for an enterprise and patience, persistence and perseverance is an unbeatable combination for success.
  There are many yardsticks for measuring success, the prosperous termination of objectives and desires and undoubtedly topping the indices is a rosy balance sheet. The availability and quality of products and services, years of putting in valuable service, the number of employees on the roll call, their satisfaction and rewards, and so on, but prime among them is customer goodwill and appeasement! Yennes , over the years has committed itself to this motto and scaled every peak to make their customers “kings”! Innovation is the modern day mantra for success while at the same time retaining its originality and purpose . To prosper and flourish , in a highly competitive environment , one has to keep repositioning and reorienting itself to the ever changing world and its demands. Success is therefore an offshoot of adaptability and customising by conforming to set standards leading to change and metamorphosis! The key to staying alive and keeping the head well above the water is without doubt “customising solutions” in accordance with the clientele requirements and Yennes has done just that and each time raised its bar to unmatched levels.

      As Yennes Infotec (P) ltd strives towards excellence, moving from one milestone to another, achieving more laurels and accolades and expanding their business territory, I extend my hearty good wishes to the enterprising couple Saravanan and Bharati and the entire cast and crew to thrive and triumph and become a “bestseller”!

                                         Sunita Ramaswamy


  1. Thank you thank you my dearest friend, buddy.. I was in tears to read , as I know nobody else would take an effort to elaborate about another's achievements or progress other than a good old friend! Thanks from the bottom of my heart on this write up and its written eloquently in your style.

  2. words just poured out and the end result was this post..glad you liked it ..what are good friends for???


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