Monday, July 21, 2014

                               JUVENILE JOY

Rubber trees testimony to the etched annals of herald
Staying lost in flight, looking back at 
Souvenirs saved, unleashed at free will
Turning pages of memories captured in mind

Endless giggles, games and gossip
Tucked away, the tricks, teases and truants
Tomfoolery complementing pedantic times
Chronicles from epic pages of book lore

A panoramic view of poems, prose and plays
Kindling adventure, glee and rhapsody
Sprints to arts class with hot pursuits
A regatta of patterns riot by young Picassos

Resonating sounds with sticks of hockey
Reverberating in tandem with bugles and drums
Solutions, dilute and concentrated in test tubes and beakers
Sophomores trembling at master with properties of substance

Living organisms in petri dishes with a genius guru
Dates with Mughals, Cholas and Colonial Raj
History brought alive by luminaries
Mapping the world, exploring Stalagtites and Aurora Borealis

Meter rules, energy and motion thrust upon stupid blocks of wood
Instilling Civic sense and a method in madness
Figures, lines, tangents ,solids and planes
Numbers and symbols, precise and accurate with our Pythagoras

Alter ego, buddy, sidekick, all with sobriquets and epithets
Outstanding companions of fun and frolic romping with mirth
Clowning and merry making in sheer nonsense
Pals and cronies dancing and singing to hearts content....

Oh....Take me there again , I do reminisce the juvenile joy!

                                Dedicated to the class of '85 of Udyogamandal school,FACT township 
                                                                                       Kochi, Kerala

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