Monday, December 29, 2014

                                                              Dusk to dawn

  Mellowing ball of orange swallowed by the waters
Celebrations of crackers lighting up the night sky cover
Another number on the calendar counter flips over
Heralding a brand new dawn of dreams and desires
Shower of yellow mistletoes and glittering confetti
Gifts, goodies, myriad festoons balloons galore
Revelry merry making and wingding that we adore
Hymns, melody, jazz, rock and roll medley
Ecstatic bundles of bambino joys, blessed in New Year
Twelve months of gurgling babbling innocence
 Crawling, nibbling Playing piggy back in cadence
Cherubic and childlike, baby’s first steps, bringing cheer

Departure of near and dear ones leaving memories
Eternal sorrow amidst chants requiems and eulogy
Our hearts anguish and lament in melancholy
They pass into a great beyond and time freezes
Period of looking within and introspection
Hindsight to set things in perspective
Resolutions broken and framed inactive
A flashback recollected in contemplation
Promising ambitions with a future bright and rosy
Yearning for a sanguine morrow with aspiration
Beliefs of optimism and thoughts no cessation
A year of hope for fondness, mirth and all that is cosy!

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