Thursday, April 16, 2015

                          A mystical movement called Zen

A phone has become a style statement and part and parcel of the fashion accessories...nowadays we are noticed not only for the clothes we wear but the smart gadget in the palm of our hand!
More than 200 hours still to go to lay our hands on this incredible ingenious phone from the grand Asus stable. Will this be as mysterious as the art of Zen? Let us take a quick look at the features and we will know what we have in store...
Here are five outstanding characteristics that promise all people on planet Earth to turn their smart heads towards this marvellous piece of art:-
1)  Ablaze – A flashy brilliant appearance that is artfully and aesthetically conceived is the first and foremost outstanding feature of this remarkable device. Masterminded to perfection in order to get that unique one of a kind quality aspect and edge over other smart phones in this category. The golden hue colour option indeed makes all of us go gaga over this marvel!
2)  Slender marvel – The fine slim size zero is the order of the day and Asus has achieved the near impossible task of making a nimble phone that will snugly fit into our palms. With a mere 170 grams weight it is a beastly beauty! Navigation, sensor and display add to the fantastic sex appeal! The lithium 3000mAh battery provides non stop entertainment for a incredible longer period of time!
3)  Competence – The sheer power and dynamism behind this sleek device are features that are mindboggling, Be it the 2.3 GHz 64 bit Intel atom processor with an unthinkable 4GB RAM along with a quad core processor and a graphics card that takes gaming to an altogether different level and ably backed by a remarkable response screen that leaves no marks!
4)  Spectacular image capturing – The camera that vividly captures all those memorable moments is eye catching and the pictures are gorgeous, stunning and manifests in real colours and contrast! Who would let go such a canny gadget that make all our memories live forever?
5)  Great value for money – The price is definitely a steal for the power packed action both inside and outside! This is a premium gadget but the introductory offer price may well be under INR 20,000/- (well that’s what the grapevine says!). You have to pinch yourself to believe this!

          So the verdict on this marvel is a gigantic thumbs up as the pros far outweigh the cons and a great product wrapped in beauty and luxury can be ours soon – well the wait almost seems to be over but the suspense is undoubtedly killing! We could be part of this wonderful launch taking place on the 23rd of April in Gurgaon. Head to the kingdom of dreams to watch the spectacular unveiling of a Zen coming alive! I can't wait....any longer... #CantWait4Zenfone2

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