Friday, April 10, 2015

Meet The New Housing

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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw
And each and every day we create, recreate, discover and rediscover ourselves.
It is a journey full of moments...some drab, dull and monotonous, some ecstatic, joyful and great, some crazy, insane and maddening, some sorrowful, sad and emotional but in the pie chart of our life, we do have a small segment devoted to path breaking, discovering and trending. This happens once in a lifetime and the incident can never be forgotten, erased or deleted from our central processing unit - it is something that is etched in our brains ...
The year was 2009...
By an impulse I posted an ad for selling our home of 50 years..a home that had witnessed everything - joys, sorrows, turmoils, tantrums, births, bliss, happiness but not change..grandparents, parents and children just staying put and not moving..the home was warped in time and refusing to let go, all had an emotional attachment and could not imagine a life without #108, " Athithi" Green valley layout , Malleswaram, Bangalore! It was an ancestral home and no one ever dreamt of selling it! 
"Are you mad"??? My hubby and children shouted in chorus!
" we are living in this house for three decades and built with sweat and tears of my grandfather and has seen life's ups and downs and moreover it is in the centre of the town with accessibility to every nook and cranny of Bangalore and the sermon just went on and on..."
I said..." look at it this about building another dream house with our blood and sweat which will be a home and a tribute to your beloved grandfather, who will indeed be proud of his grandson and never ever curse him".
Our children will one day be proud and this in generations will become the new ancestral home...and live in harmony and happiness till the world least going by Sir Isaac Newton's predictions of 2060 which is a good 50 odd years from now!"
Thus I had sowed the seeds of change and creating a new domain that will be called ours built with love and devotion.
Search then began for the ideal home that would take care of location, accessibility, resale value, necessities such as water, greenery etc etc...
And suddenly everything just seemed to fall in place...the seed had started to germinate and abracadabra...the house stood before us in flesh and blood with all  the positive energy and vibration that set life going towards the ultimate goal of salvation.
My children had the privilege and good fortune of seeing the house come up brick by brick which I am sure will be corner stones of their lives to aim and achieve. Moving into a whole new world with new surroundings, neighbours, school, college was an experience that one needs to enjoy and building a house in one such grand feeling of euphoria, of a task well accomplished.
A complete sense of freedom and starting a brand new life....

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