Thursday, May 28, 2015

                                           Version 2.0  Upgraded ...

         Loosen the shackles, unfasten and do a factory reset of life
         Born again on Mother India subset planet Earth to the same humble souls,
                        bound hard do not want to disengage, but untie the miseries, 
                        a fresh lease with no agony and anguish,Never to expire,
         unravel the journey all over again, no melancholy
         To fix the wrongs and actions that made me guilty 
                        Reboot and reload the friends and family, its love and affection
                        Not in any time to lose the snuggle of warmth, 
         to expunge the defective part, retain the virtues
         The same magical charm albeit with alterations to make it flawless
                        Impeccable surroundings beyond compare 
                       Turned around in reverse gear to contemplate and change
         A mobile format to make it ingratiating, 
         expel the motley mix of joys and sorrows
                        holding on to the worthy flashes of ecstasy
                        To make brio unblemished, culminating 
         In  new version upgraded format
         That is unparalleled and utopian! 

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