Sunday, May 17, 2015

            Avarice for unsatiated love and affection
                    with a begging bowl, always asking for more
                    Solitary, wandering here and there
             Deserting inner, outer circles fashion

              Burden of expectations weighing down
                      Spectre of desires, needs and wants
                       Rat race, peer pressure and family taunts
              Education in a dazzling convocation gown

              Chagrin only, as eagerly anticipate
                         Disillusioned and doleful with regret
                           Never to bargain for, nothing to fret
               Churning out our destiny and fate

                Dipping esteem, reality bites, face fact
                           Twisted and awry, euphoria amiss
                          Yearning relinquished, diving into an abyss
                Bonding disconnected, no more sacrosanct

                Excursion, jaunt, journey and picnic
                            Dwindling by the day, a life cocooned
                            Lost in oneself, uncaring and marooned
                 Self centered, in an island, agonizing sick

                Fervently praying, morrow a better day                                 
                              No more exodus to depths of despondency
                               Believe, long for and the flight to ascendancy

                 And the hope train chugs in making gay


  1. Growing desires,belied expectations and ever green hopes are all what is life about.Nice lines

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and giving your thoughts!

  3. I can relate to it. We struggle through such emotions off and on.

  4. true ...i just tried a rhyme scheme with aabb and an alphabetical listing from a to f.


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