Wednesday, May 6, 2015
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                                                  Wah kya league hai!!!

        Kapil da ka jawab always he has come up with  a brilliant idea of a league that is stupendous and out of the world. Mind boggling is the incredible idea of a celebrity league comprising of all avenues that take us on a journey of truth and life. A brand new avatar  to showcase talent and vivacity in all its vibrant colours.
I believe this new thought is for those who squirm in their seats as Kapil corners them and puts them in a fix...a spot of bother!
My mind conjures up various images on what could be the league all about? Let me take a few shots, I guess it is wild and wacky but all the same here  they go...
It is a game show with a difference, a game where one can never play from the heart...which means we have to give the wrong answer or the answer that is not true! 
Or is it for the celebrities in different walks of life to open their hearts and minds and get screwed?
None of my heart says think different...common...think...
Maybe it is a game for all in the services???? Yes...that could be for all our saviours of the land from the army, the navy and the air force.. a league which opens up the might of the services in cricket fields, a hunting ground for the protectors of our land!
But dil se khelo to googly...what does that mean to an honest upright officer?? I am sure a services man will not lie then how will he be a part of the group?
Wrong answer...think again...
Maybe one for all the Government babus and netas ...who are known for their corrupt ways?? has to be a league for the puppeteers and the yes men of this country.
The game of cricket will be tweaked to suit their lifestyle in such a manner that they cannot play "dil se"!!! It is never going to be easy for them and there comes the cliff hanger!
Again I have my own doubts about this guess...let me try something else..
A premier league for all ex players...
All the wonder men and women who made the world proud could be part of this league....yes this is possible...we will have the likes of Kapil paaji himself along with Srikkanth, Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri...and so on and so forth...the list is endless with all great legends who will actually wield the ball and bat and take a stand to face the wrath and fury of Kapil's swingers and cutters and also the sultans of swing!
I just can't wait for the grand unveiling of the nayi league...a nayi soch on playing with Kapil "not Dil Se"!
I am sure Mumbai along with the rest of India is on cloud nine and euphoric and  going gaga over the new league, drooling over the all new surprise awaiting us !
Paaji...sirji aapka to jawaab nahin!!!

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