Thursday, May 14, 2015

                                                      Smart, Smarter, Smartest...

see what wonders the airtel app can do ... #MyAirtelApp


                                           To the human eye, the Red colour with the maximum wavelength is the most attractive of the colours and that is why this logo of Airtel is simply eye catching and to match the brilliance of its logo, is the newest application called My airtel app which is indeed a class apart! 
                                           Gone are the days of standing in long winding queues to make payments or to book the cinema ticket or to make reservations in hotels and trains and no more shopping woes in crowded supermarkets and malls! Welcome to the new era of mobile services, an application that makes all things easy at the click of a button or a swipe. My smart phone is becoming smarter by the day and the newest application from Airtel is mind boggling, one cannot but admire the million services it has on offer and that too for greenhorns like me it's interface is seemingly effortless and uncomplicated. The interconnection between me and the system is simply plain sailing with navigation that is smooth and the least bit cumbersome. Embark on the voyage with me as I set sail on this brilliant application and the widest array of services coming with it!
                   The personalized interface, which is so very spontaneous needs to be experienced to feel the magic of maneuverability and manipulation. Blending with the unlimited boundaries of operation, we can switch, hop and jump into the sections of our choice all at the blink of an eye!
                   The three incredible and outstanding features of this app are listed below and I am sure the reader cannot agree with me more on why I have highlighted these three:-

1) As easy as 123... Sit back and take a deep breath as your nimble fingers navigate through the seemingly effortless pages allowing you to interact instantaneously. It is very user friendly and virtually anyone and anybody can cruise along quite comfortably. Starting from recharging your phone and internet balance to making payments without the bother of remembering debit and credit card pins is the icing on the cake. We can book tickets to movies, arrange for air, train and bus travel in a matter of minutes. Come with me as I take you to the numerous online stores for all the shopping requirements, an experience that is smooth and hassle free. No more sweaty waits in any queues! The services on offer are limitless and awesome. A professionally managed application that comes from the trusted home of Airtel is extremely customer friendly and indeed makes you feel like king, a satisfaction that is sure to please you and last long! The platform is very responsive to all our diverse demands making the navigation extremely rewarding.The features incorporated are par excellence and the initiatives rolled out are revolutionary in nature. We can give it a big thumbs up for the vast scope of operation with easy set of instructions. We don't face any glitches as we steer from one course to another!
2) Virtual fortress...The application is very safe and secure and impregnable by any means of fraud. It is not vulnerable to any danger of mismanagement of funds. Moreover as the payment takes place within the confines of your phone balance, there is freedom from the drudgery of using debit and credit cards with all its associated pins and charges! Now, we are safe even if our wallets are picked!!This remarkable feature of safety and security puts us at total ease and comfort of doing everything from our palms. The cash back facility on many of the services is an attractive bonus that adds jingle to our pockets. So the more we spend and use, the more we save and earn!
3) One touch internet...A truly amazing feature on the My Airtel App is this one touch internet. Airtel has taken the world wide web to the nook and cranny of India, to the rural masses and made them tech saavy! Now each and every Indian is part and parcel of the Internet revolution and the operation at ONE SINGLE TOUCH!  Can it get better than this? My granny is on seventh heaven to be able to see her great granddaughters' photographs, talk to her over skype, message her on Whatsapp and what not! All this has been made possible only because of the most user friendly application available today! 
                        Folks, my smart phone is the smartest with the airtel app and heavily loaded wallet too!


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