Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sweet sensation of swiftness! 

                          Sweet sensation of swiftness

Life is rush hour in this modern era of computers and technology and we have become slaves to time. Speed, agility and swiftness matter the most in every field of activity we do or perform.
                         Falling hook, line and sinker to the World Wide Web and being ONLINE 24x7 has become a way of life; the overflowing text messages’ notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al are the wake up calls replacing the obsolete alarm! Till the time we hit the sack, if ever it happens, the internet rules the roost and we are stuck to it like adhesive. Adroitly and skilfully navigating from one app to another, from one program to another or from one site to another is the ultimate testing ground for the user. The master of the universe decides on whether our hectic lives become exciting or mundane, the provider ignites the day right from the time of the morning ablutions when we catch up with all and sundry to make it roaring.
                            Be it ordering of groceries, fruits and veggies, getting navigated in the mad traffic giving us alternative routes on the go, working with clients across the globe from the cosy comforts of our cubicle, purchasing air/bus/train tickets online, shopping for a zillion products from within the cocoons of our home, taking an appointment with the doctor, booking for a movie or a show, a cab or a meal or simply paying the utility bills will all be a nerve racking experience if the service provider is stuck in generations of yore. We live in an app world and everything needs to be done at the blink of an eye with the click of a mouse or a swipe of an app and the caveat is “speed, quickness, swiftness, pace, rapidity with consistency!”It is suffocating and claustrophobic to get stranded mid way of a transaction and the “hour glass” or the “circular rotating symbol” pops up that make our heads swirl akin to being caught in the middle of a bottleneck or in a bumper to bumper traffic en route to catching a flight or a bus!
                          So the key to all our woes lies with the provider, it is he who decides whether we end up staring at a page that says “loading....please wait, do not click the back button or refresh the page... or a request time out or unable to connect to the internet...”these messages have become diktats, tenets, to which we submit ourselves with extreme frustration and anger!
                          Bringing zest, energy, drive, force and velocity to this drab, crawling lifestyle is the 4G service from Airtel which has zoomed into our domains and pepped up our browsing activity; a cracker of a solution which needs to be experienced to believe! With this 4G in our devices, we are assured and guaranteed of an encounter that will simply blow our minds away, an affair which will undoubtedly last a lifetime promising a never before exposure of galloping on the internet! Vrooming from one page to the next, zip zap zooming on the umpteen applications, downloading and uploading of audio and video clips and photos are all accomplished in a flash and the days, hours, minutes of hesitation, lingering, pausing, buffering, tarrying or hanging fire are all gone, forgotten and become things of the past! Heads will turn and faces of envious users will go scarlet as I have the advantage of a 4G and mind you, this speed really thrills but kills others who are in contemplation mode and  yet to jump on to this band wagon.

                            Now, I am abuzz here, there and everywhere fluttering in the breeze and titillating in the sweet sensation of swiftness, stimulating me to say “wow”!!!

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