Wednesday, October 21, 2015

                      Kinsfolk in merry meadows 

Kissan India cover

Enjoy these lovely moments of togetherness with Kissan, humanity in nature's lap at its awesome best!

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      The signals were fading and there were no visible mobile towers in the vicinity and in the horizon...I heaved a sigh of relief, all the gadgets were now dumb and nature had invaded the all pervasive device world, deaddicting and detoxifying human mind and rejuvenating his soul with abundant happiness, pleasure, salubrious climate, acres of green with sunflowers and daffodils in dazzling yellow lighting up our hearts. I turned up the volume of the rhyme

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 and the enthusiastic bunch, an eccentric mix of young and old tapped their feet and nodded their heads in unison and utmost glee and jubilance. The childhood memories were back with a bang...the arch lights had dimmed, the vehicles few and far in between, the dark sky crystal clear with a million stars twinkling making us feel that we were not alone on this lovely planet, the winding roads with air as if purified and we could smell God's creations in all its vibrant odours. As our SUV meandered in the village roads alongside the serene waters, the bubbling occupants relaxed in the lap of nature, soothed by the gurgling sound of the water body. 
              We woke up refreshed and bathed by the morning sun rays with cool breeze swaying the fringed palm trees. The white picket fence of uncle John's farm stood out in the green and blue with the gigantic mountains as backdrop, a sight to behold. The genial farmer in his jumpsuit was there at the gate grinning from ear to ear on seeing the effervescent city bred crowd longing to set foot on terra firma. The vineyard was a fruition of the farmer's hard work and the succulent violet and green grapes was too alluring. 
               Grandpa and grandma who normally take a long time to get down after a journey, were out of the vehicle in a jiffy and escorted by the caretakers into the farm house where a hot bath and aromatic coffee awaited them. We, the rollicking middle aged lively heads with a song on our lips along with the boisterous and cantankerous cousins headed to the river bank for a swim. The river flowed by the backside of the farm with steps leading into the sublime waters and all of us had a riotous time! Splashing water on each other to our hearts' content using the opportunity to take sweet revenge!
                 The orange orchard was delectable and heavenly and we ate the organic fruits till our tummies could not take in any more! We watched in absolute amusement how the Jersey cows were milked and then were treated to rich creamy fresh milk straight from the udder! The children reveled in climbing trees and made their four legged ancestors jealous with their hanging upside down skills. Antakshari was next on the cards under the shades of the mammoth banyan trees and the oldies churned out super duper hits with the middle aged beauties getting a kick out of the hits of the 90s. The cousins freaked out on the gen Y genre and it was a cocktail to relish! We painted the farm red with no interference from email alerts, whatsapp notifications, facebook likes and twitter 140, savouring the real tweets of sparrows with nature's orchestra!   

                      The lunch was a gastronomical delight and the connoisseurs licked clean the feast made from farm grown veggies free of pesticides! The great escapade wound off with a small trekking into the woods. Our hearts yearned for more but it was time to say goodbye to the luxurious indulgence, a rendezvous with nature's opulence which none of us would forget for a lifetime!  



  1. An orange orchard, a farm house, jersey cows, tweet of sparrows - in company of grandpa and grandma - real fun for kids. We all need to escape to such places once in a while. :)

  2. Seems like a great time with the whole family! Nicely written...

  3. This Enjoy these lovely moments of togetherness with Kissan, humanity in nature's lap at its awesome best, is the best message ever delivered through video. Great one!


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