Saturday, December 19, 2015

Out of this world!


The doors of the KUV opened, and out stepped my neta, yes the very same bat in the belfry guy who turns things upside down and makes life miserable for the commoners, well his guest appearance was to inaugurate a school that had been conceptualized by the campaign of NDTV and coca cola, the school was amidst the sylvan green of bewitching Bengaluru near my house. I was exulting in the dish washer which my mom was going gaga over and my paternal grandfather appeared before me in my dreams and blessed me! Relishing my dessert with no guilt feeling whatsoever, I looked at the 15 incher glowing in the darkness of the night in my nebula  ...lo and behold...all the real life inspired characters and images of my blog posts were coming alive on the magnificent note book with the red backlit keyboard.
I was besieged and soon there was a flurry of activity and explosions of oohs and aahs around me. I typed Sunita on the flaming red background and abracadabra the specs buffy appeared on the screen alive and kicking in a comical caricature replete with the balding curls, the unscientific look and the prominent bulges showing prosperity! The inquisitive curiosity rover in me was unleashed and the keys were pressed with alarming intensity, and each time I was bowled over by the wizardry of the magical materialization of the real heroes in and! The personalities in the journey of life were portrayed on the sparkling canopy and speaking the dialogues that I had so carefully penned down. There is life after death after all, and the growing evidence of it proved by this sixth generation intel core processor! 

As I sat mesmerized by the galaxy of stars on the jet black screen animated and tumultuous by the turn of events, the already imbecilic brain of mine had further shrunk and was tightly wrapped around with a protective shield that prevents any atom of intelligence into it! The guardian angel son of mine, (fortunately inherited only my looks along with the add on in the form of myopic vision and not the intelligence quotient!), always attempts to bail me out from such perilous bearings and fails miserably, tried one more time to explain about the feature embedded in the out of the world shining knight in armour, the HP Star wars inspired Note book that had the remarkable ability to bring alive any character in a post and make it into an animated movie clip or present itself as a cartoon sketch for a newspaper or magazine!
Now I was in interactive mode, some of the protagonists were inviting me onto the stage and forcing me to let down my hair, do a tap dance or sing along. Some villains in the play were giving menacing glares, threatening me to withdraw the characters or else pay the price for this. Threats...pooh.....they fall on deaf ears and my keyboard tapped along making them from bad to worse! I paused and rewound on the unforgettable memories of childhood, sat back and let the drama of life unfold before me once again with all its glory!

 It was awakening all my senses and unleashing the force within me! My imagination ran wild and loose with this irresistible awe inspiring special edition from the house of HP! I flipped the interactive touch screen, ran out of the house in sheer ecstasy a la Archimedes style to let the world know! The high definition screen was aflame with stares and ogles of envy from my neighbourhood and I knew that the battle lines were drawn and the aliens would come for my throat any time with their saber, sword, battle axe, gun, missile and all the powers of the nether world only to be annihilated by the all powerful sovereign stellar performer!!!  
From whatever little I grasped from my son’s elucidation, the app worked something like this – it recognized the various persons, their personalities with physical attributes, their roles in the essays or posts or poems and classified them as heroes and bad guys to give the ultimate performance in life’s stage. The actors executed their acting skills to perfection, showcasing the talent of ‘mudras’ of anger, joy, surprise, shock, bewilderment, parody, cynicism, farce, satire, mimicry and a galaxy of emotions stretching far and beyond our milky way! These characters were loaded by the program to deliver their punchy one liners and lengthy dialogues and the story tumbled out as and when the post was completed. An instant transformation from the plain black and white characters to spirited caricatures emboldened and energized to play their stellar roles on the mini screen.

I was in awe slowly taking in the reverie of the unfolding times and imagined to be the master of the universe, brought exclusively by the Hewlett Packard enterprise!

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