Monday, March 23, 2015

Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji Ki Family Intro 1

Enjoy the lip smacking wide range of breakfast ideas from Kelloggs with the lovely family of Guptajis!

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                         Break the fast

                Rush hour mornings...stomachs
growling, time zipping by...have to take a quick healthy bite that makes our
tummies full with energy to last for hours . What best other than tasty,
healthy and nutritious cereal tiffin of Kellogg’s that breaks the night long
               How true is the phrase
“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”, breakfast
as all of us are aware is the most important meal of the day as it comes after
a break of 6 to 8 hours of sleep and rest. It is the first wholesome meal of
the day and is the fuel for our bodies to run in top gear for the rest of the
action packed and nerve -racking day. It not only fills up our stomachs but also
provides the necessary nutrients in the form of iron, calcium and vitamins
which are so very essential for modern day lifestyle. Apart from the
nutritional aspect, the breakfast is vital to the functioning of the brain in
terms of memory, cognitive ability, maintaining stress and moods and also to
control our temper. We are sure to blow our tops if we skip breakfast as it
leads to lowering the glucose levels and thereby lower energies. Research
studies have proved beyond doubt that this meal is the most important intake of
the day and care must be taken to make it wholesome and fulsome!
                 Welcome to the gastronomical
delights whipped up by the Guptaji’s, a wide spread of aroma and taste in every
grain that makes the morning meal complete in all respects. I really envy the
array of morning delicacies topped up with the goodness of grains!
                 But the one that makes me to
drool and enjoy is the one with chapattis and I am reproducing the recipe for
the benefit of all my foodie friends:
Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda
A cornflakes
snack for all times!

Prep time:7 min
Total time:10 min
1 cup (coarsely
crushed, lightly roasted) Kellogg's Corn Flakes
1 tbsp Oil
¼ tbsp Mustard
¼ tsp Cumin
2 tsp Finely chopped
green chillies
A few curry
A pinch
¼ tsp Turmeric
2 tbsp Roasted
/ fried peanuts
2 tbsp
Roasted/ fried daria dal
8 cooked
chapattis (left over), roughly broken into small pieces and lightly roasted
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Powdered

And do you know
Well... to begin
with I am always left with chapattis from the previous night’s dinner which
comes in handy in this amazing recipe. The aroma of spluttered cumin,
roasted  peanuts along with green
chillies and asafoetida mixed with the goodness of corn flakes and wheat
chapattis is indeed palate tickling. Also there is very less preparation time
which is an added bonus in the manic time starved mornings. This deadly combo
makes one feel full and healthy to take on the day’s tasks with ease and
aplomb. There is no oil content that makes us sick or sleepy or with a weird
feeling in the stomach.
                 So who is joining me as I head
to the lovely home of Guptajis for that lip smacking corn flake breakfast  that will make our day complete and satisfying
in all respects and leave us craving for more...yeh dil maange more!
Meanings of
words/Phrases used in this blog page:
1) Tiffin – breakfast as used in India.
2) Chapatti – Indian bread made of whole
3) Guptaji – Name of family in India who
makes delicious items for breakfast using Kellogg cornflakes
4) Yeh dil maange more – In Hindi language
“this heart wants more”


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Coca-Cola TVC 2015 (30 Sec)

 Good spirits of enjoyment with an extra dose of refreshment from Coca-Cola....

                                                 ON CLOUD NINE.....

                                       The word
“happy” conjures up so many images of joy, bliss, mirth, exuberance and good
spirits  ranging from extreme sublimity  to maddening excitement, all embedded in our
brains making our bodies and souls to dance in sheer cheer.
                                       How can one ever forget the great poet
John Keats lovely poetry “Endymion” describing the simple joys of beauty
translating into happiness. What makes one happy is a matter of perception of
an individual and varies with situations that one is faced with.
is God’s gift, redefining happiness... the gurgling streams, manicured lawns of
green, wonderful hues of the rainbow, myriad shapes of the clouds in azure blue
skies, massive mountains with rain bearing clouds kissing their tops,
thunderous roar of the cascading waterfalls, flowers in innumerable countless
colours starting from the dominating marigolds, sunflowers and daffodils to
mellifluous tulips, roses and orchids. The cup of happiness indeed overflows
with this abundance image of nature’s painted canvas.
                                    A long
drive in an open jeep with the loved ones, culminating in gastronomical
delights and song and dance campfires is an exhilarating experience of
happiness that takes me to a new high!
harmonies from the subtle strains of the strings to the rocking percussions are
undoubtedly music to my ears that makes my heart go gaga in jubilation.  As I write this page the peppy song of Pharell
Williams “happy” keeps me company and inspiring me with new ideas.
                                       An impromptu meeting with the friends of yore
sharing pizza with a coke bubbling and fizzing with conversations that take us
down memory lane , opening a floodgate of memories...nostalgia of events gone
by ...euphoric and elation setting in!
                                      When my
sons win coveted prizes, a feeling of ecstasy and blessedness encompasses me
that know no bounds!!
                                       Celebrations and festivals offer so
much gaiety, rejoicing in shining new clothes and jewellery to match, that stimulates
the tired nerves and transports me to cloud nine and I come back refreshed and
                                    I am in
absolute glee at the genial company of my pet puppy, when it wags its tail or
licks my feet, desperately seeking my attention and jumping with joy at
succeeding in its attempt to do so!
                                     A surprise
gift from my hubby, wrapped in splendour, love and affection is the ultimate
paradise to be in and equivalent of being in seventh heaven!
an old couple to cross the road or giving a blind person a helping hand, or
sharing my lunch with the less privileged makes my day and I sense an air of
palpation, a perception of satisfaction of a life worth living!
                                    I am overjoyed at
the resounding victory of our teams be it in cricket or any other sport,
absolutely flying high in intoxication of success.
                                   My heart
jumps with joy on a cheerful good morning greeting, a warm hug, a lovely smile,
a brilliant tweet from the bird in the tree or the radiant sun rise breaking
the dawn, a s

urprise visitor or a mail, or a ‘happy hours’ opportunity,
howsoever trivial these may sound but they all have a profound positive impact
on me and my life!


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Enjoy the
world of happiness with a bottle of coke!