Thursday, April 23, 2015

“Earth Is Calling” | Fix You & Krishna Nee | Ft. Darshana Ananth Harihar...

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K-KNELL OF GREED, KINDLE THE GLORY                                              

I was gently rowing on the beautiful inland waterways, absolute bliss with swaying coconut palms, green grass on either side, gurgling streams, azure blue sky with exotic clouds, and small thatched houses here and pollution, no traffic, no sound except the chirping of birds, no garbage, no nothing that causes the planet to blow its head off! I got up with a start, back to the absurd reality of life and the irresponsible homosapiens ruining the marvellous Earth, God has bestowed on us with all its natural grandeur. I knew the time had come to stop complaining and be the change that we want to see around us.
Let’s begin at the beginning...

The problem
1) The umpteen diapers that are carelessly disposed off, the plastic present in them clogging all the drains
The solution:
        Never dispose them along with biodegradables but ensure that they are wrapped in newspapers and separately put away.
The problem:
2) Not segregating garbage
The solution:
        Always segregate into wet, dry, sanitary and hazardous and please do not mix them up..
 The problem:
3) Using toys made of lead and other harmful chemicals
The solution:
Never buy toys that are brightly coloured in plastic and wood as these may contain lead or other harmful agents.
The problem
4) Ready to school...paper, paper and more paper
The solution:
As far as possible try and avoid using paper...a toddler can be made to use the traditional slate with chalks that are dust free and in the growing up years make them to switch to drawing boards and the like. Never use, abuse or overuse paper, the woods are already crying for help!
 The problem:
5) Careless discarding of batteries and other E –waste.
The solution:
The batteries and all Electronic waste must be disposed off separately and not thrown along with general toxic waste.
The problem:
6) Throwing garbage everywhere
The solution:
Play hard but with a sense of responsibility, never throw things as you please, put them in the proper places. Always encourage children to use the dustbins.
The problem:
7) Open taps, leaky taps,...
The solution:
Always direct kids to close taps after use and never ever waste water...a drop saved is indeed a drop earned
The problem:
8) Lights, fans, Acs...always ON
The solution:
Instruct children to switch off all lights, fans, ACs when not in use. Save energy for the future children too!
The problem:
9) Adults...beware..reckless use of vehicles and consumption of fuel
The solution:
Try to carpool or travel by public transport and avoid excess fuel energy for the next in line!
The problem:
10)            Rampant tree cutting for construction, laying roads and other infrastructure
The solution:
For every tree cut, grow four more! Try and use alternatives for houses.
The problem:
11)          Clogging of drains and choking of sewer lines
 The solution:
Never throw plastic and other non degradable item in the drains or sewage, always allow easy flow for proper draining out.
The problem:
12)          Letting waste water and other waste into lakes, rivers and seas
The solution:
Lakes, rivers and other water bodies are a natural source of water to mankind and not a means for letting things into it. Performing puja and throwing all and sundry into these do not grant good wishes from the almighty!

I could go on and on and on, for the problems are in multitudes but have to draw a line here and focus on these basics to make life sustainable and renewable. The mantra should be reuse, recycle and renew for a cleaner today and a better tomorrow!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

                          A mystical movement called Zen

A phone has become a style statement and part and parcel of the fashion accessories...nowadays we are noticed not only for the clothes we wear but the smart gadget in the palm of our hand!
More than 200 hours still to go to lay our hands on this incredible ingenious phone from the grand Asus stable. Will this be as mysterious as the art of Zen? Let us take a quick look at the features and we will know what we have in store...
Here are five outstanding characteristics that promise all people on planet Earth to turn their smart heads towards this marvellous piece of art:-
1)  Ablaze – A flashy brilliant appearance that is artfully and aesthetically conceived is the first and foremost outstanding feature of this remarkable device. Masterminded to perfection in order to get that unique one of a kind quality aspect and edge over other smart phones in this category. The golden hue colour option indeed makes all of us go gaga over this marvel!
2)  Slender marvel – The fine slim size zero is the order of the day and Asus has achieved the near impossible task of making a nimble phone that will snugly fit into our palms. With a mere 170 grams weight it is a beastly beauty! Navigation, sensor and display add to the fantastic sex appeal! The lithium 3000mAh battery provides non stop entertainment for a incredible longer period of time!
3)  Competence – The sheer power and dynamism behind this sleek device are features that are mindboggling, Be it the 2.3 GHz 64 bit Intel atom processor with an unthinkable 4GB RAM along with a quad core processor and a graphics card that takes gaming to an altogether different level and ably backed by a remarkable response screen that leaves no marks!
4)  Spectacular image capturing – The camera that vividly captures all those memorable moments is eye catching and the pictures are gorgeous, stunning and manifests in real colours and contrast! Who would let go such a canny gadget that make all our memories live forever?
5)  Great value for money – The price is definitely a steal for the power packed action both inside and outside! This is a premium gadget but the introductory offer price may well be under INR 20,000/- (well that’s what the grapevine says!). You have to pinch yourself to believe this!

          So the verdict on this marvel is a gigantic thumbs up as the pros far outweigh the cons and a great product wrapped in beauty and luxury can be ours soon – well the wait almost seems to be over but the suspense is undoubtedly killing! We could be part of this wonderful launch taking place on the 23rd of April in Gurgaon. Head to the kingdom of dreams to watch the spectacular unveiling of a Zen coming alive! I can't wait....any longer... #CantWait4Zenfone2

Sunday, April 12, 2015



O for optimism!

The autopsy reports confirmed the worst fears for our family – my dad and mom were devastated, I was kind of perplexed being in my teens and not entirely knowing the consequences, my brother was in his own cocooned world of comforts, too young to understand.
My mom in her early forties was detected with cancer of the breast , I was just into college and the whole world came to a grinding halt. My dad did not know whom to turn to and was inconsolable but it was my mom who came out of the trauma and said “I believe in karma and good deeds and the lord will not let me down. Let us take the opinion of our Ramesh and I am sure he would guide us through.” She was talking about dad’s nephew who was an angel in disguise; a messiah sent from heaven – Dr. Ramesh, my dad’s sister’s son was a famous surgeon.  The family till that point in time had crumbled, lost all hope of a happy family being together again now slowly started rebuilding the pieces of life. My dad immediately called him up for consultation and went wholly as per his advice. As my mom went through the battery of tests and pre surgical requirements, I had to slip into her cooking shoes and enter a domain that was unseen by me till that point in time. The unfamiliar kitchen domain and the job of managing the cooking singlehandedly were thrust upon me and  I did not know where to begin. Well let me begin at the beginning I thought and started a series of coaching classes from mom as she lay in the hospital bed. I quickly learnt the little nuances of cooking such as making rice, roti and dhal and succeeded in feeding the hungry mouths. So I part of the difficulty was overcome and I sang “we shall overcome” in full glee and all the members too joined in this struggle of life!
Fortunately, there is a silver lining in every cloud and the tests proved that the cancer was restricted to one side and my dear cousin quickly sprung into action and he conducted the surgery of the affected part himself and sent it for biopsy and by God’s grace it had not spread to other side and other organs were spared.  Now there was a glimmer of light shining a the end of the dark tunnel but still there was a long way to go. She underwent radiation and chemotherapy which was terrible on her physically. She could not eat food and vomited, her hair loss was terrible and almost became bald, and all her muscles began to weaken and had become emancipated. It was unbearable to see her in this pathetic condition but the brave lady that she was, she fought all the odds stacked against her and overcame them step by step. As the detection came in the first stages and surgery was conducted without any delay, despair turned into hope and outright optimism of my mom saw us through the difficult times.

Methodically, she carried the post operative recovery and year after year went for regular checkups and for the last 30 years has remained free from cancer. Praise be to her for tremendous will power and optimism and to my cousin for his timely diagnosis and treatment. Now I can look back and feel proud of the optimism which is a vital element in the wheel of life!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Meet The New Housing

                                        Create and discover a whole new life....with...


Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw
And each and every day we create, recreate, discover and rediscover ourselves.
It is a journey full of moments...some drab, dull and monotonous, some ecstatic, joyful and great, some crazy, insane and maddening, some sorrowful, sad and emotional but in the pie chart of our life, we do have a small segment devoted to path breaking, discovering and trending. This happens once in a lifetime and the incident can never be forgotten, erased or deleted from our central processing unit - it is something that is etched in our brains ...
The year was 2009...
By an impulse I posted an ad for selling our home of 50 years..a home that had witnessed everything - joys, sorrows, turmoils, tantrums, births, bliss, happiness but not change..grandparents, parents and children just staying put and not moving..the home was warped in time and refusing to let go, all had an emotional attachment and could not imagine a life without #108, " Athithi" Green valley layout , Malleswaram, Bangalore! It was an ancestral home and no one ever dreamt of selling it! 
"Are you mad"??? My hubby and children shouted in chorus!
" we are living in this house for three decades and built with sweat and tears of my grandfather and has seen life's ups and downs and moreover it is in the centre of the town with accessibility to every nook and cranny of Bangalore and the sermon just went on and on..."
I said..." look at it this about building another dream house with our blood and sweat which will be a home and a tribute to your beloved grandfather, who will indeed be proud of his grandson and never ever curse him".
Our children will one day be proud and this in generations will become the new ancestral home...and live in harmony and happiness till the world least going by Sir Isaac Newton's predictions of 2060 which is a good 50 odd years from now!"
Thus I had sowed the seeds of change and creating a new domain that will be called ours built with love and devotion.
Search then began for the ideal home that would take care of location, accessibility, resale value, necessities such as water, greenery etc etc...
And suddenly everything just seemed to fall in place...the seed had started to germinate and abracadabra...the house stood before us in flesh and blood with all  the positive energy and vibration that set life going towards the ultimate goal of salvation.
My children had the privilege and good fortune of seeing the house come up brick by brick which I am sure will be corner stones of their lives to aim and achieve. Moving into a whole new world with new surroundings, neighbours, school, college was an experience that one needs to enjoy and building a house in one such grand feeling of euphoria, of a task well accomplished.
A complete sense of freedom and starting a brand new life....