Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Interstellar Voyage

My odyssey to blogosphere began in 2007,a lift off with a external thrust from a buddy who was always abreast with the latest and trending stuff. The usual chat revolved around everything; from the humdrum to buzz to scandals and slander and the word weblog was briefly referred to somewhere in the course of the jabbering, maybe like a footnote which went like this...”Suni, that is the trend these days with people globally, becoming interactive through their blog posts, I have started my page with blogspot and so could you as you have a passion to write.” My thoughts were channelized to the last few words that she uttered about the zest part and that ignited my curiosity! All other chores were put on the back burner and I jumped on the bandwagon and soon I was in the saddle raring to go. And that was the genesis of in 2011 after a four year period of glorious uncertainties.
no big bang explosions but the birth of a tiny star( unabashedly call myself a star!) in a galaxy. The first few months were a revelation, well only to me, with the pages in my blog going back in time. For the next couple of years, the sojourn lost steam and the enthusiasm died down; it was now a saunter and a stroll like a lazy walk in the park, more precisely prosaic as a tame game of golf.  The posts became few and far between and the blogger in me lay in a state of comatose with the reader fraternity ready to pull the ventilator off and do euthanasia a world of good! But miracles do happen and Indiblogger resuscitated me and rekindled the dying fire. I was enamoured by a news item with a photo graph (thank God there are no pop up blocks in newspapers!) of indibloggers making merry in Windsor Manor in Bengaluru, in the autumn of 2011.  
 My blog expedition renewed like NASA’s Interstellar voyager mission, slow but steady, exploring the cornucopia of Wordsmiths!
Look at what I unearthed from a heap of distinguished directory of writers-
A few in this inventory have become red giants but many have tirelessly worked their way to become Supernovas!!!  The appealing indiblogger belvedere has had me spellbound with its hodgepodge of activities such as meets, contests and for sure the indivine. The jingles “Indian by birth and bloggers by choice” and “We blog, therefore we are” sound more like war cries with a  vengeance to engross and enslave you, bringing in its way friends, philosophers, guides, well wishers, benefactors, backers and patrons. The chance encounters with a few have been symbolic and meaningful with a rich experience that is exhilarating and inspiring, rip roaring in fact! I am deeply honoured and privileged to introduce to my readers these doyens and stalwarts who have held me in sway!
? K Parthasarathi, a maverick story teller whose fables are a hybrid with the charm of R K Narayan’s and twists of O Henry, leave us in absolute awe and suspense, always yearning for more. He has to his credit over 1000 short stories, (maybe more as I have lost count!)and each one of them is a sparkling gem. Armed with a brilliant and powerful narrative skill along with a keen sense of observation and a wide repertoire of words, his stories reflect the common place with good morals and ethics as the corner stones.  The readers will be infatuated by the “random thoughts” and “reflections” that has grown over the years by leaps and bounds and the author has aged with grace and the wine just got better and better. For the vernacular, he has the tamil blog that has a valuable set of admirers. Being a Cost Accountant by profession, he has the added reputation of writing articles for the Business line newspaper in his heydays apart from contributing to dime a dozen online magazines and papers which he still does with a flourish.
 For me personally, he is an icon I look up to, for his remarkable attitude, his frank, forthright and constructive views on my posts which have been very motivating and highly self rewarding, and above all, for his extraordinary talent at writing with consummate ease and proficiency. I have embraced him as my grandfather and fervently hope that I imbibe his stupendous qualities! May the Almighty give him a long life so that he can hold many more readers as ransom to his random thoughts flowering as stories!  I am sure you all are thirsting to get into the magical world of this phenomenal story teller, you can at:
? Mir Fleur, who blogs at with the title “The somewhat peculiar story of Mir” is an embodiment and powerhouse of talent. I am dumbfounded by her creativity despite the perplexities of life that abound her. She may have never counted her problems but the thorns have been blissfully converted to her strengths and she has risen like a phoenix.  A Scholar in Mathematics and Control systems, Dr. Fleur has the uncanny ability of writing memoirs and nostalgic posts of her childhood that strike a chord with me and she reminds me many a time of Enid Blyton, whom we all have grown up with! I understand that many of her fictional works have been published in national dailies and also is the author of three full length novels that she is itching to publish as a book. This proves her credentials as a versatile writer with the ingredients of subtle humour, imagination and ingenuity.
For me personally, she is a belligerent lady who has taken life in her stride, living through her miseries but still smiling, enchanting me with her artistry. She exudes in her personality an extreme degree of positivity and remains an enigma. For a life beseeched with hardships and predicaments and whose second name is adversity, I pray to the Lord to be more merciful and kind to this wonderful human being.
 My dear friends, you may soak in her writings by visiting her domain.
? Somali K Chakrabarti, who “Scribbles and Scrawls“ at is a bountiful writer with fertile imagination and creativity that stimulates, emboldens and sets our thought process in hyper active mode. She arouses a sense of curiosity with her haikus and tankas. She has taken the blogging world by storm with her book called “Lei: A wreath for your soul” that has all the celebrations of nature and reflections of life with a wonderful and unique collection of poems. She is the Tzar of fantasy and has the power to transport us to a new realm that has the promised milk and honey! An engineer by profession with the Sloan Fellow tag from the prestigious London School of Business, writing comes naturally to her and her posts leave us craving for more!
For me personally, she is the quintessential manifestation of all things nice and lovely and an avatar of creativity. She impresses and invigorates me to such an extent that I keep going back to her posts like bees to a flower! I am certain that my followers would also flock to her blog page! The awards that are bestowed on her speaks volumes about her skills that are unmatched and non pareil!
? Maniparna Sengupta Majumdar, an exemplar of imaginativeness and originality oozing with flair. Her blog page titled “scattered thoughts” is a perpetual ocean of thoughts that sets us to reflect, speculate, ponder and appreciate. She is at ease with any topic ranging from poems to fiction to travel to book reviews to photography and so there is something for everyone. The choice of words and phrases are vivid and scintillating and little wonder that Maniparna has a huge fan following.
For me personally, in the first place I was enchanted with her name that led me to explore her blog and I was amply rewarded with an abundance of beautifully penned poems and haikus! Folks, you too can get drenched in the rain of haikus by visiting her page at
My interstellar voyage continues, delving deep into the unknown galaxy, exploring new stars and supernovas.....


  1. It is a tad embarrassing to comment on a post where one has been praised high.Nevertheless I have decided to comment as I have been doing regularly in your blog and also thank you..I came to know that you had written about me from Ms.Maniparna's comment in my blog.I have already read her gripping post on Calcutta(where I had lived for two decades with a few breaks) that brought fond memories.I will read soon the other blogs you have introduced me to.
    You have placed me in a deep debt of gratitude with your kind words on my story telling ability though I am conscious of my limitations.Thanks to you I have acquired new visitors.This post of yours impels me to write without long breaks.

  2. The adulations are all straight from the heart and I am indebted to you as a reader for the mind blowing stories and reflections of life. It was highly gratifying for me to write about extraordinary human beings like yourself! The "embarrassment" in commenting only demonstrates your modesty. For my part, your thoughts as always have been an inspiration and spurred me on to pen !

  3. Namaste...
    May your journey continue!


    1. Thank you Rhapsody...delighted to read your blog too.

  4. Happy to be here, today! What you have written about K.Parthasarathy is very true! I address him as Partha Sir! I am an admirer of him as a person and his stories for the past many years now...his stories mostly have a twist in the end. We can never guess them!

    Now, would like to read your posts and the posts of the people you have recommended. Must be interesting!

    Happy to know you, Sunita!

    1. So nice of you to visit my blog page and yes, KP sir is a remarkable writer in addition to being an extraordinary human being. We are blessed to have such phenomenal people of substance in our midst.
      The feeling is mutual and I am delighted to be introduced to another valuable blogger!


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