Sunday, July 24, 2016

Change..the inevitable..

Save the change

Change, the most unalterable word for a ‘square peg in a round hole’ me and try as I might to reinforce the metamorphosis element in my disposition, it simply does not happen and woefully remain a misfit. I am cheerful, genial, sensitive and can keep adding adjectives to describe my personality as they are absolutely free not costing a penny and totally under my control ready to be unleashed at will, but switch, transform, adapt, the need of the hour buzz words, (and why three words, just in case my readers are pondering, it is that I cannot remember more than three at a time) are out of bounds for me; it is like taking a horse to the water but not make it to change!
So I am a leopard with its spots firmly on or a Zebra that is not willing to change its stripes; now you stumble upon the animal instincts in me, nevertheless they do adopt and adapt to survive and that lovely company too eludes me.
What triggered me to the obsession with the celebrated and sought after jargon, ‘change’ apart from the normal embarrassing predicament that I am in, is the Television serial on the famed and loved Sherlock Holmes recreated in 2010 by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat that took the world by storm with an incredible Internet Movie Database (IMDb) rating of 9.3! The creators have brilliantly superimposed Sir Arthur’s genius sleuth and his doctor partner in 21st century London. The modernized version keeps the essence of the characters very much intact but craftily uses the detective and the plots to suit and vibe with the current generation. I ‘deduce’ myself like a penny waiting for change while the world around me converts and mutates at the click of a finger.
Everything and everyone is undergoing sea change – the Sun, the moon (distancing itself from the Earth and I can consider the reason to be the brutal and merciless killing of human beings across the globe in the name of religion), the seasons, tidal waves, topography, technology, people, products, services, plants, fruits and vegetables with hybridization, birds ( abandoning traditional nests on trees, for there are no trees) and building hopes and dreams for their fledglings in kitchen chimneys, food, beverages, mode of transport, buildings (I look up to the Burj Khalifa open mouthed), toon characters, films, music (genres I have long lost count of), politics, history, society, culture, talent, intelligence, arms and ammunitions, extremist outfits atrocities, greed, profiteering, annexations, traffic, population, behaviour, attitudes, perceptions...the Earth in a nutshell, from the elements to the abstract altering, modifying and innovating while I remain rooted to terra firma very much tilted and inclined to the unyielding cow or bull in the middle of Indian roads! You know where my sympathies lie...don’t you?
Resolute and unwavering in my thoughts and actions despite the turn of events, there is turbulence and pandemonium in my brain to go with the flow and not swim against the current and try to turn the tide in my favour! But each passing day manifests itself in more complex labyrinths that are beyond the bounds of possibility for the hackneyed old chestnut!

Elementary my dear readers...I have changed..welcome to my new domain

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