Saturday, April 2, 2016

On many occasions, I have felt the supernatural intervention of miracle hands that have helped me in distress and allowed me to come out unscathed. In these moments of anguish and misery, these marvel human beings have lifted me from the abyss and apocalypse to get on with life. Are they inspirations, power of God, oracles or epiphanies, I know not, but there are far too many to shrug them off as coincidences or fortuity or simply a stroke of luck. These guardian angels vanish without a trace before I say the profuse and profound ‘Thank you” and they are never to be seen again. The poem below is a “benediction” to all those saviours who arrive at the opportune moments to pull me out of fire and get me off the hook time and again! I have intentionally used alphabets ‘T’ and ‘G’ in the verses to express my “Thank you” and “Gratitude” to the “Godsend”.  

Times many have I encountered
The rendezvous with an angel in disguise
Tryst with miracle men
Turning things around

Godsend to trouble shoot
Grant and bestow alacrity
Governed by manifestation
Gratuity I can never forget

Times many have I benefitted
Going on a wild goose chase
To come face to face with my messiah
Giving me revelation of a rare kind

True they could be fate and destiny
Grasp on situations beyond control
To bring me back on track
Gospel of faith on the supreme
Godsend to take under HIS wing
Guiding through perils
Genie that appears and disappears
Guiding spirit whom I have not thanked

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